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24 April 2015



 Café is significant perfume, which many of us still remember or know from their mommy's fragrance collections. This beautiful fragrance is fragrance with character, which can be understood only from the appreciators of the old French school classical fragrances.

(Screenshot from COFINLUXE company presentation)

   Created and launched in 1979, this is the first fragrance, which represents on the market the newest at that time company COFCI (founded in 1976 by Jean-Pierre Grivory, later - in 1985, it changes its name to COFINLUXE) and became its significant fragrance - the first one and the most loved.

(Screenshot from COFINLUXE company presentation)

   The nose behind this beautiful warm fragrance is Jean-Jacques Diener (working for Givaudan - 70'-90's). - born in Switzerland, at the age of 22, moved in Grasse (South France) to learn the perfumery creation art. Back, to Geneva, he started job as junior perfumer. Years later, were transferred to Paris, where he started to create parfums for the most popular names - Cartier, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Gianni Versace, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Hermes, Bulgari etc.

   Two of his most famous creations are Cafe (1979) and Must de Cartier (1981).

   One more, very rare nowadays is Jacqueline (1998), which I found after digging in Google in very nice blog about vintage perfumes by Amelie, who is obviously great appreciatior of the classical perfumes. I think, we - the perfume lovers and collectors, need more enthusiasts like her, to keep the flame burning.

   There are 20 different fragrances Cafe for men and women.

   Today, I want to stop my attention to my very favorite one:

  The main notes, declared by Cofinluxe are Rosemary, Patchouli, Verbena, Rose, Sweet Lime.

   Searching in internet, I was surprised to find 2 different pyramids of this fragrance:

   1. According to FRAGRANTICA:                 2. According to ALL ABOUT PERFUMERY:

                       TOP NOTES:                                                      TOP NOTES:

                          Rosemary                                                                   Lime
                           Verbena                                                                 Verbena
                              Lime                                                          Artemisia (Aremoise)

                    HEART NOTES:                                                HEART NOTES:

                               Rose                                                                     Jasmine
                              Spices                                                               Ylang-Ylang

                      BASE NOTES:                                                    BASE NOTES:

                           Patchouli                                                                Patchouli
                            Vetiver                                                                  Oakmoss

   I want to add two specially mentioned on the back side of the box 2 ingredients:

   Evernia Furfuracea (Treemoss) Extract

   Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss) Extract

Ingredients list

   My personal vision for this amazing creation (I warn you - I will repeat the word "personal" several times here ):

   Personally I can say, that with the moment of the spraying, the top notes open veil from spices (you can feel definitely coffee), verbena and little, lime. Rosemary here is not very noticeable. This first wave of top notes reminds much more warm coffee and patchouli combination, gently softened by the notes of lime and almost invisible presence of Rosemary (as I already mentioned - Rosemary is "transparent" here, but exists).

    In the Heart notes, I am sure, there is very warm Clove note, which sounds together with another spices (Coffee, note reminding warm Cocoa); note, which reminds orange blossoms; Patchouli stays. I don't detect any Ylang-Ylang - usually this note is very intense and hard to be hidden; it gives the perfumes floral character and here there is no floral character at all (despite some mini-micro splashes of such possibility, depending on your individual body chemistry)!

   Overall, personally to me, the heart of the perfume, reminds me very warm composition, similar to the classical blue Nivea creme scent, but very warm, spicy and balmy! It calms down your sense within hot perfume's heart and peace. I think, this unusual heart composition, makes this perfume to be sensed as Afrodisiak.

   The base notes - personally to me, they stay close to the skin: woody, soft spicy, warm with powerful balmy note. This perfume is not musky at all. 

  The perfume comes in glass transparent bottle in 30ml, 60ml, 90ml 0r 5ml.

   The designer of the bottle is M. C. Lesange.



 I bought it from, from utopya_kozmetik store - Turkey. If you are for a while here or living here, you can buy from here, too. 

  I recommend you this seller - he offers rare fragrances, really original, as I already know by my personal experience.

   Other ways - you can also find it in some stores, or online - Ebay, Alibaba...


   Definitely, this is perfume for appreciators of the classical fragrances!

   Sensual, soft, spicy, warm, astonishing!

   Long lasting fragrance!

   Suitable for cool weather and season. According to this, can be wear day or evening. 

   But for day wear, I strongly recommend you to spray a little - just spray cloud in the air and go through it.


Photos: Natalie Beaute
Cofinluxe website

   Natalié Beauté

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