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11 November 2012


   Hi, friends!

   How many of you still remember this remarkable perfume?

"STEPHANIE" by Bourjois, spray - 1989

   "STEPHANIE" by Bourjois, named on the Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Very popular fragrance in the early 90-es. 

Stephanie - Princess of Monaco

   The perfume has been officially released in 1989. But little bit later - withdrawn and discounted by the designer. 

   I remember this aroma like sweet and capturing the senses with unexplained charm and magic. Once you smell it, can never forget it!

   It's fragrance with own glamour and signature - strongly individual and specific, for special women, with special character.

   As conception, can be defined like Oriental fragrance.   

   On the TOP 
                         of the aroma pyramid of this perfume, you can feel:                         
   Bergamot oilLemonMandarinRosewood

                As MIDDLE notes:            


                      As BASE:                     

AmberCastus oilPatchouliSandalTolouTonkaVanilla

   This amazing perfume was really different generation's perfume - REAL PERFUME, so strong, so illuminating... 

   I still remember, when I open the box and take the bottle - I could feel the fragrance through the glass.

   It stays whole day long - strong, alluring, but not annoying. Incredible aroma composition - very beautiful and unforgettable.

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  1. Hello Natalie! How are you? Anyone who proudly lived the 80's (as I did) will never forget what Stephanie of Monaco represented to the world's imaginary... Thanks for bring back this particular perfume to your readers!
    - Flávio.

  2. Thank you for your nice comment :)! This perfume is related with my memories from the childhood :)!... Many good and unique things we was during the 80's and 90's, which unfortunately, are not available now...

  3. You're welcome Natalie! I understand you... I also have a lot of nice references, mainly from the 80's, which are hold in the field of memories now... ;)

    All the best :)
    - F.

  4. This is my first time to hear this kind of perfume. is this very popular before?

  5. Great article….!!! Nice to know about new things with helping concept.
    Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    Keep up the good work
    Thank you,
    The given information is very effective.
    I’ll keep update with the same.

  6. Thank you, very much! I'm happy to accept your appreciation about my work! You are welcome :)

  7. thank u for posting this....i have been looking for this perfume for years! i went to France for one yr when i was 19 and that's when i came to know it...but at that time i didn'thave the habit of wearing perfume so i didn't buy it...later i regretted it. Do you or anyone know where it can be found now? Much thanks.

  8. Hi! You are welcome! I will make little research and I will let you know, about where you can buy! I also like it and if I find, I will buy also :)

  9. Hello Natalie,
    I also remember this unique perfume. Sadly I can not find it anywhere.
    Do you know a perfume whit a similar fragrance, that can be found now?
    Thank you!

  10. Hi! Thank you for your interest to my article! This perfume is one of my favorites, too! I'm so sorry, that it has been stopped from manufacturing over a decade ago. I'm still searching replica of this perfume and till this moment, but I still can't find. From time to time I see some offers for online selling this perfume, but it's rare perfume and I prefer to be sure, if it's original. There is something extremely unique in its aroma and in its formula. Just, it belongs to different generation of perfumes. Once you smell it, you can never forget it. It stays with exact, unique signature and aura. Everyone of us, who tried it even once, can understand completely what I mean :)! I'm still keep searching! Definitely, if I find something, I'll add update. Best regards and Happy Holidays!

  11. Gdzie mogę kupić te perfumy?💗