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30 November 2013

MEGA EFFECTS MASCARA by AVON - Navy & Blackest Black

   Hi, friends!


   Today I wanna post my impressions about Avon's newest revolutionary product - MEGA EFFECTS MASCARA.


   It's already one week, since I purchased and tried this mascara. Today - I've got one more.
I purchased first Navy, later - Blackest Black.
   My impressions:
   1. Small and compact shape - very comfortable for your everyday small lady purse.
   2. Design - totally different, than any other types of mascara. The red part is the cap of the handle. When you pull it out, you'll see the handle. It's cute, with ergonomic shape and small relief dots on the upper side, to help you hold it sure.
   The handle is movable. It can reach 7 different positions (angles), depends on, which way is more comfortable for you, to use the mascara.
   Here, you can see both colors - Navy & Blackest Black, in different light's angles.
   3. When you start to apply it for very first time, you realize, that you need more practising, because the first think, what appears as difficulty, is the challenge HOW TO POSITION THE MASCARA, TOWARD YOUR EYELASHES.
   After, you start to change the angle of the handle :)
   One think you must keep as rule - apply FROM ROOTS TO THE TIPS, separating and covering carefully whole the eyelashes.
   After some time of practising, you will find your own position and than you will realize, what GOOD JOB THIS MASCARA REALLY DOES!
   The effect is really astonishing!
   After properly use, you will find out, that this mascara revales your eyes in different way.
  Applying from the roots to the tips, the specific brush separates your eyelashes, covers them fully, positions all the eyelashes, spreading them in beautiful shape, which opens your eyes. They look wide opened, more impressing, more speaking. 
   For more help, here I publish the real time review by Jill - my favorite Beauty Guru. She is such enthusiast about everything in the cosmetics and beauty sphere, obtaining the same beauty products passion and creativity - same, as me :)!
   In matter of fact, the color of the Navy mascara doesn't look so bright and light, as on the last photo.
   It is dark, creamy and on the eyelashes it stays very beautiful, giving lovely dark blue shaded frame of the eye.
   4. No clumping!
   5. Stays for hours!
   6. No blemishing.
   7. Good for under the eyes, too.
  8. After the mascara finished, you can wash the brush and use it for your eyelashes as eyelash separator, during the make up process and other purposes, related with that.
   What I wish for this product:
   1. To be 12ml, instead of 9ml
   2. To not dry and finish so quickly - after two weeks it's already gone.
   In conclusion I can say - wonderful product!
   Do not hesitate - grab it and make it work for your beauty!
   I recommend it!
   Please, let me know what your impressions from this mascara are, by living comments! Thank you!
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03 November 2013













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02 November 2013


   Hello, friends!

   I continue to introduce to you Avon products from my September-October-November hauls 2013, which I could not write about before, because of my long break time ;)

   So, in this article I meet you with BALI BOTANICA Body Scrub and Body Butter - two products, which capture your senses and bring back to you the memory of the Summer, next to the sea :)

  These products are enriched with extract of Frangipani and Lemongrass, which pamper your senses with unique spa experience.

BALI BOTANICA - Body Scrub and Body Butter


   Gentle white pearl liquid scrub, with tender thin pieces for better and precision exfoliation.
   After properly use, the product leaves the skin silky smooth and nice fragranced.

   It's inside 200 ml tube, very beautiful and luxury designed. 


   BALI BOTANICA Body Butter

   The body butter is packed in lovely 200 ml plastic jar (personally, I am supporter of the idea, that every cosmetic product, must be placed in glass jar, not in plastic), The jar has very tight and secure lock, which absolutely keeps the product from the air.


  When you open the jar, the product looks like show white yogurt, but when you touch it, you realize, that it is very thick butter, which literally melts on your skin, leaving it deeply nourished and moisturized, with incredibly smooth surface. You must try it, to understand what I really mean! It's WONDERFUL body butter!!!

   The product is coming well packed in box.

BALI BOTANICA Body Butter - the jar and the box

   Here you can see close photos of the package.

The box - front

The box - back

   In conclusion: I can assure you, that these two products are AMAZING and they are one of the best options for luxury and high quality gift, for your friend, girlfriend, beloved lady :)

   The relaxing Bali Botanica series of Avon's "Planet Spa" collection is remarkable and once try some products, you'll come back to it again and again!


your "Planet Spa" experiences ;)

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01 November 2013


   Hi, friends!

   Time to change something in our Autumn appearance? Why not? 

   This season I ordered bag and wallet from Avon - new set, from their "Signature Collection".

   It's very elegant, stylish, comfortable.
   As you can see, the color is intense shade - something between dark plum and very dark cherry. 
   Important notice: If you are going to purchase this set and you are not sure about the real color, keep in mind this;
   - day time - it's definitely plum;
  - evening - under the lights of the lamps and especially neon lights, the color is very dark cherry;
Kristine bag and Kristine wallet - Signature Collection by Avon
   As you see, the logo is characteristic for this collection - several A monograms in beautiful rosette. 
The logo of the Signature Collection by Avon
   This is how the lacquered relief surface looks like:
   Let's start with the bag.
   It's measures are 22,30 cm x 31,50 cm. With two handles. There is magnet under the logo, which is over the zip, so this model is closing with zip (in difference from other models). It's not very easy to be opened (related to the security measures).
Kristine bag
   Here is, how the zip looks like, after opening the band with the magnetic logo.
Kristine bag - zip
   Here, the bag is opened. As you can see, it's one whole space with zip pocket from one side, and with pocket for your mobile phone, at the other side.
   The textile of the internal side, looks like cotton-viscose.
   It's compact and comfortable - easy for finding, what you need to.
   I think, this model is suitable for very well organized ladies ;)
Kristine bag - inside
   The wallet:
   Compact, nice looking, also has the same logo as the bag.
   Measures - 19,30 cm, with zip from side to side.
Kristine wallet
   The textile inside is the same material like inside the bag.
   The wallet is separated on two main sections - each one, has one pocket from the one side, and the other section had other pocket, with 4 additional small pockets for your cards.
   The separator is actually zip pocket for your coins.
   There are limitations from the both sides of the wallet inside, so, you can not drop down outside something from your wallet. At least, not that easy.
Kristine wallet - inside
   I was able to purchase this set from Avon - Turkey, form 12 Campaign. 
   These products were offered for first time as new collection, for the anniversary - 20 years Avon in Turkey. 
   They have the following prices:
   1. Kristine Bag - 44,90 Tl (discounted from 69, 00 Tl)
   2. Kristine Wallet - 22, 90 Tl (discounted from 35,20 Tl)
   This is my Autumn bag and wallet choice from Avon!
   I like it and it's well enough comfortable and elegant set for any lady!
   I'll be happy to understand your opinion and experience about this products!
   Thank you, for giving time to my modest article! 
   I hope, it will be very useful for those of you, who are thinking about ordering this set or just part of it. 
   Whatever you decide, it'll be nice choice!
Enjoy ;)
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31 October 2013


   Hello, friends!

   Let's have a look at this new Avon's Jewellery Set - Eda Midnight Blue!


   Here, I post modest photo capture, just to give some example how the necklace and the rings look on me :)

   In generally, this Jewellery set is very suitable for night and official appearance. It stays very nice on fair skin, but definitely not on dark tanned skin, because there will be no contract and the beauty of the jewel, and also the beauty of the skin, can not make wonderful competition between.

Eda Midnight Blue Necklace - Avon,
Eda Midnight Blue Earrings - Avon,
Make up: Lips - Ultra Colour Lip Crayon - Mauve Model - Avon,
Foundation - Flawless - Natural Beige - Avon,
Blush - Avon Ideal Luminous Blush - Peach;

   Eda Midnight Blue Ring

   It's available in 3 sizes - 10, 8, 6. Not adjustable.

Eda Midnight Blue Ring - Avon

   Eda Midnight Blue Bracelet

   Very beautiful and stylish piece of this wonderful set. Adjustable length.

Eda Midnight Blue Bracelet - Avon

   Eda Midnight Blue Necklace   

   Elegant, also adjustable necklace. 

Eda Midnight Blue Necklace  - Avon

   Eda Midnight Blue Jewellery Set

   Here you can see whole the set with the earrings also.

Eda Midnight Blue Jewellery Set - Avon

   This is how the products are delivered to the client.

   Inside, of the boxes, each one piece has small velvet pouch.

   I know, that if you are able to see this jewellery set in real (not only on photos) before you get it, you will really fall in love with it! It's classical, beautiful, capturing, elegant, very stylish - one of Avon's best and original product for this year!

It's my choice!

It may be yours - too!

Just open the catalogue - order and enjoy!

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   Hi, friends!

   In the spirit of Halloween and the Autumn aromas, form baked or cooked pumpkin, chocolates, sweets - Bath & Body Works has lovely scented candles, suitable for the large diapason of the tastes and preferences of everyone of us!

   With amazing scents and colors of the candle compositions, you can really refresh and warm more, the atmosphere of your home, during Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations.

   Personally, I choose the following candles and scents:

Fresh Picked: - Blackberry Spice, Harvest Coffee;
Slatkin & Co.: - Creamy Pumpkin, Cinnamon Nut Bread, Caramel Apple;
White Pumpkin Shaped Candlestick;
White Barn: - 
White Water Birch, London Calling - Tea & Lemon, Cotton, White Barn, Fresh Balsam, Sandalwood Citrus;

   I will provide short description here, which may help you somehow in your choice, when you visit BBW store next time or ever tomorrow :)

   White Water Birch

   Almost exactly replica of the man's perfume "Cool Water"  by Davidoff. 

Slatkin & Co. - White Water Birch

   Caramel Apple

   Burned sugary sweet scent, which dominates over the tenderly shade of baked apple.

Slatkin & Co.:-  Caramel Apple;

   Creamy Pumpkin

   Very delicious softly and creamy aroma of baked white pumpkin with golden sugar.

Slatkin & Co.: - Creamy Pumpkin;
Aromatherapy: Sleep Bed Linen Spray - Lavender Vanilla;

   Harvest Coffee

   Strong scent of just prepared hot coffee from freshly smashed coffee beans.

   Blackberry Spice

   Very autentic sweet and lovely scent of blackberries.

   Both of these are candles in actual jars, which can be used for other purposes after their "retirement' as candles.

Fresh Picked: - Blackberry Spice, Harvest Coffee;
Body lotion - Vermont Honey Apple;

   One of the Autumn body lotions of BBW - very delicious as long staying as the other lotions.
If you love apple fragrance, compiled with honey scent - this must be your choice. It leaves your skin smooth, sweetly and deliciously fragranced for hours. 

   If you like this combination - this is exactly your skin care product for the season of the pumpkins.

Body lotion - Vermont Honey Apple;

   So, dear ladies! I hope that my short review of the products which captured me for this Halloween, can be somehow useful and helpful for you!


Happy Halloween!

Enjoy your amazing scented candles

by Bath & Body Works!


Have a nice celebrations!

Yours: Natalié Beauté


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