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06 July 2013

Avon Haul June-July No.1 - 2013

   Hi, friends!

   It's time for my first June-July Avon Haul review :)!


Avon Haul - June-July

   Let's start with this amazing, amazing fragrance!

Christian Lacroix - ROUGE

   Marvelous fragrance, with its own character, which gives to you irresistible presence and aura of light, uniqueness, femininity!

   Suitable for day and night wear in the Summer season!

   I would recommend it especially for Blonde Ladies!

   You can read more about this Fragrance in my short review here!


   My first two Avon Eyeshadow Quads - Blue Denim and Fresh cut Greens:

Avon Eyeshadow Quads - Blue Denim and Fresh cut Greens

   FRESH CUT GREENS - this quad contains unique compilation of green shades, which I think - you can find only in this product.

   The first two colors are not very pigmented. They appear more as matte with very slightly shining effect, in some golden tone.

   Both of the darkest green colors are in the olive gamma of the color - light and dark.

   Four of them are very beautiful shades! 

Avon Eyeshadow Quad - Fresh Cut Greens

   BLUE DENIM - tie first two colors are matte with very little sparkling effect. The first one is in tender purple and the second - in blue. Very beautiful shades.

   The lower two colors are darker. Pearl purple - very beautiful, not so pigmented, as the second - dark blue. It's completely matte and the most pigmented from all eyeshadows of this quad.

Avon Eyeshadow Quad  - Blue Denim

   MEGA IMPACT EYESHADOW in FLASH BLACK - two colors, especially suitable for smokey eyes effect. The Silver one is pearl, the black one is matte.

Mega Impact Eyeshadow - Flash Black

   AVON GLOW - BRONZER DUO in "ROSE GLOW" - two beautiful shades: dark beige - matte, pink - little glowing, very pigmented (keep this in mind, if you have light skin tone).

   Very smooth and pleasant, velvet texture of the product.

Avon Bronzer Duo - Rose Glow

   If you already have some impressions, related with some of these products, please, feel free to share them!

   Thank you very much, for your attention to my article and enjoy your time with my blog, reading about your favorite products :)!

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01 July 2013

Advance Techniques - AVON Hair Color - Ultra Light Ash Blonde 12.01

   Hi, friends!

   I wanna share my experience with Avon's Advance Techniques Hair Color in Ultra Light Ash Blonde.

   As you probably can guess, when you are blonde in countries, where the usual hair color of the domestic people is principally dark, it's hard for you to find even whatever type of blond hair color.

   For example, in India - New Delhi, I couldn't find any type of any blond hair color's brand - even the darkest shades of the blond.

   This Summer in Antalya I had the same problem. Almost. Here are available some blond colors, even some of the blondest shades, but when this season is approaching, you have to keep in mind, that it become harder and harder to find in the cosmetic stores, because... the tourists have already bought all of them.


   So, if you are foreigner, living here, sometimes you may need to try different options.

   I tried several. 

   This one, which I am going to talk about, is the first one and the only one, which gave to me natural shade of the blond. If you like natural impression of the light blonde color, this shade is for you.

   So, what is inside the box:

   1. Package No. 1 - Pre Treatment

   2. A bottle with the color developer - Step 2A

   3. Tube with the color - Step 2B

   4. Step No. 3 - Post Treatment

   5. List with Instructions

   Before treatment:

   After treatment:

   I like this hair color and I find it very nice like result. You can see  - the hair has shine, it's nourished and nice looking.

   So, if you don't have other option to find the hair color, which you are usually using - don't hesitate to try this one. It's not the lighter blonde - if you are using such shade, but it's enough natural light blond color.

   I like it and I recommend it!

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