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30 November 2013

MEGA EFFECTS MASCARA by AVON - Navy & Blackest Black

   Hi, friends!


   Today I wanna post my impressions about Avon's newest revolutionary product - MEGA EFFECTS MASCARA.


   It's already one week, since I purchased and tried this mascara. Today - I've got one more.
I purchased first Navy, later - Blackest Black.
   My impressions:
   1. Small and compact shape - very comfortable for your everyday small lady purse.
   2. Design - totally different, than any other types of mascara. The red part is the cap of the handle. When you pull it out, you'll see the handle. It's cute, with ergonomic shape and small relief dots on the upper side, to help you hold it sure.
   The handle is movable. It can reach 7 different positions (angles), depends on, which way is more comfortable for you, to use the mascara.
   Here, you can see both colors - Navy & Blackest Black, in different light's angles.
   3. When you start to apply it for very first time, you realize, that you need more practising, because the first think, what appears as difficulty, is the challenge HOW TO POSITION THE MASCARA, TOWARD YOUR EYELASHES.
   After, you start to change the angle of the handle :)
   One think you must keep as rule - apply FROM ROOTS TO THE TIPS, separating and covering carefully whole the eyelashes.
   After some time of practising, you will find your own position and than you will realize, what GOOD JOB THIS MASCARA REALLY DOES!
   The effect is really astonishing!
   After properly use, you will find out, that this mascara revales your eyes in different way.
  Applying from the roots to the tips, the specific brush separates your eyelashes, covers them fully, positions all the eyelashes, spreading them in beautiful shape, which opens your eyes. They look wide opened, more impressing, more speaking. 
   For more help, here I publish the real time review by Jill - my favorite Beauty Guru. She is such enthusiast about everything in the cosmetics and beauty sphere, obtaining the same beauty products passion and creativity - same, as me :)!
   In matter of fact, the color of the Navy mascara doesn't look so bright and light, as on the last photo.
   It is dark, creamy and on the eyelashes it stays very beautiful, giving lovely dark blue shaded frame of the eye.
   4. No clumping!
   5. Stays for hours!
   6. No blemishing.
   7. Good for under the eyes, too.
  8. After the mascara finished, you can wash the brush and use it for your eyelashes as eyelash separator, during the make up process and other purposes, related with that.
   What I wish for this product:
   1. To be 12ml, instead of 9ml
   2. To not dry and finish so quickly - after two weeks it's already gone.
   In conclusion I can say - wonderful product!
   Do not hesitate - grab it and make it work for your beauty!
   I recommend it!
   Please, let me know what your impressions from this mascara are, by living comments! Thank you!
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