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29 June 2013


   Hello, friends!

   Today I want to make short review of one of the really most magnificent Avon perfumes - CHRISTIAN LACROIX ROUGE - EDP.

   After my last Avon haul, I think, I've been captured by this really incredible fragrance! 


   Enchanting fragrance! Rare compilation, made from light, desire, sophistication.
   If I say, that this perfume belongs to the oriental category, it will not be correct. Usually, we connect this category with perceivable, sweet, long staying, charming, aroma, sweet and sensual. Not grabbing or staying in your brain aroma, but tender accompaniment of your personality whole day long, with charmful melody and aura. 
   It's label of femininity, class, individuality - invisible veil, which is wrapping you for hours.
   Marvelous fragrance, with its own character, which gives to you irresistible presence and aura of light, uniqueness, femininity!
   Suitable for day and night wear in the Summer season!
   I would recommend it especially for Blonde Ladies!
   According to Avon - it's Floral-Chypre category - "vivacious fragrance of orange, red peony and delicate notes of white pepper; plum blossom and water lilies mid notes of velvety feeling of elegance". All these are based on pure form of the mixture from Cashmere, Patchouli and Musk as bottom notes. 
   Here, you can read opinions of women, who are using this product.
   This perfume has also Shower Gel and Body Lotion, which I highly recommend!
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