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28 June 2013

EPILETTE - Hair remover pad

   Hi, friends!

   Not so long time ago, I found this product in one cosmetics shop. I'm still not sure, how popular is this kind of epilation system, but I'll be happy to get some opinions about.

   In this short review, I'm gonna talk about EPILETTE - HAIR REMOVER PAD.

   It's one of the products of EPILOV, which are also offering products, developed for hair removing on arms, upper lip or chin; products for men - chest, legs, back.

   It's painless and easy to use.

   It's one small plastic ring with 1+5 refill pads.

  According to the description, this system is for women, who don't like to use leg wax, epilator or razor.

   Trying it, I found it comfortable - you can do it, when you are watching tv, when you are relaxing, when you are doing something, which doesn't require some special concentration. It's easy - all you have to do is just to make gentle massage on the surface of your skin with circular motions.



   It's buffing away the unwanted hair. IF the hair is around 1 - 2 mm long. For little bit longer - you need more time, but this is the required length.

   The same time, you are cleaning the skin from the dead cells - it's very good exfoliation system.


   During the process, you will notice, significant quantity of dead skin cells on the pad, which you have to remove often. That's why, it's better to put some paper under your legs, before you start.

   It's not required to perform the circular motions with pressure, because this can irritate your skin considerably. Also, no matter how careful you will be, anyway your skin will be irritated in some level, after the procedure. Don't use on irritated skin, or after sun bath, or skin with serious medical condition, which doesn't allow such procedures.

   That's why, as it's recommended in such operations, it's better to do this evening time, do your skin can relax and recover in perfect form, for the new day.

   One very good thing - after the procedure, your skin will be unbelievable smooth and silky buffed.

   Don't forget to apply your favorite shooting and calming body lotion or whatever you love to make your skin happy with, after the procedure.

   The next day, you will have perfectly clean and polished beautiful legs.

   Enjoy your new beauty experience.

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