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26 May 2012

Carrot juice for the Face

Carrot juice

       Carrot juice applied externally acts exiting and extraordinary and the skin becomes slightly tanned complexion. To this end, moisten a cotton swab and the juice is applied evenly on face and neck. Gently injected into the skin by tapping dry.

       The mask of finely chopped or grated carrot and one yolk is suitable for all skin types. After 20 minutes remove with a pad soaked in warm water, and finally the wash your face with cold water.

       During the winter season is often lacking in food, vitamins, which affects the skin. This deficiency can be remedied with vitamin masks. At one tablespoon of oatmeal, add the juice of half a lemon, an orange or an apple. Add a little milk as to obtain a slurry. Brush face and neck, tarry 20-30 minutes with the mask, then rinse with lukewarm water.

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24 May 2012



       Hello, Friends and cosmetics freaks ;)!

      I wanna write my impressions about this product - JEWEL LIPSTICK by ORIFLAME (I wrote about in my article early this month), which I have already ordered and now is in my hands!

      The texture is amazing - very light, creamy, soft; easy to apply; the color stays compact - no color spots on your lips; the aroma is very nice!

       Your lips looks as velvet - with volume and charm!

        The product is PERFECT - INSIDE AND OUTSIDE!

       ...I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!!!...

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