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29 June 2013


   Hello, friends!

   Today I want to make short review of one of the really most magnificent Avon perfumes - CHRISTIAN LACROIX ROUGE - EDP.

   After my last Avon haul, I think, I've been captured by this really incredible fragrance! 


   Enchanting fragrance! Rare compilation, made from light, desire, sophistication.
   If I say, that this perfume belongs to the oriental category, it will not be correct. Usually, we connect this category with perceivable, sweet, long staying, charming, aroma, sweet and sensual. Not grabbing or staying in your brain aroma, but tender accompaniment of your personality whole day long, with charmful melody and aura. 
   It's label of femininity, class, individuality - invisible veil, which is wrapping you for hours.
   Marvelous fragrance, with its own character, which gives to you irresistible presence and aura of light, uniqueness, femininity!
   Suitable for day and night wear in the Summer season!
   I would recommend it especially for Blonde Ladies!
   According to Avon - it's Floral-Chypre category - "vivacious fragrance of orange, red peony and delicate notes of white pepper; plum blossom and water lilies mid notes of velvety feeling of elegance". All these are based on pure form of the mixture from Cashmere, Patchouli and Musk as bottom notes. 
   Here, you can read opinions of women, who are using this product.
   This perfume has also Shower Gel and Body Lotion, which I highly recommend!
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28 June 2013


   Hi, friends!

   I just have noticed, that till this moment right now (when I'm writing this post), my blog has been viewed 73,373 times for all the time of its existence (1 year and 3 months).

   I would like to tell you - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your interests, curiosity, desire to read, try and to know more and to helping me in my journey of the world of the beauty and the different beauty products, "armours" and "magics" ;)))!

   Once again:


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EPILETTE - Hair remover pad

   Hi, friends!

   Not so long time ago, I found this product in one cosmetics shop. I'm still not sure, how popular is this kind of epilation system, but I'll be happy to get some opinions about.

   In this short review, I'm gonna talk about EPILETTE - HAIR REMOVER PAD.

   It's one of the products of EPILOV, which are also offering products, developed for hair removing on arms, upper lip or chin; products for men - chest, legs, back.

   It's painless and easy to use.

   It's one small plastic ring with 1+5 refill pads.

  According to the description, this system is for women, who don't like to use leg wax, epilator or razor.

   Trying it, I found it comfortable - you can do it, when you are watching tv, when you are relaxing, when you are doing something, which doesn't require some special concentration. It's easy - all you have to do is just to make gentle massage on the surface of your skin with circular motions.



   It's buffing away the unwanted hair. IF the hair is around 1 - 2 mm long. For little bit longer - you need more time, but this is the required length.

   The same time, you are cleaning the skin from the dead cells - it's very good exfoliation system.


   During the process, you will notice, significant quantity of dead skin cells on the pad, which you have to remove often. That's why, it's better to put some paper under your legs, before you start.

   It's not required to perform the circular motions with pressure, because this can irritate your skin considerably. Also, no matter how careful you will be, anyway your skin will be irritated in some level, after the procedure. Don't use on irritated skin, or after sun bath, or skin with serious medical condition, which doesn't allow such procedures.

   That's why, as it's recommended in such operations, it's better to do this evening time, do your skin can relax and recover in perfect form, for the new day.

   One very good thing - after the procedure, your skin will be unbelievable smooth and silky buffed.

   Don't forget to apply your favorite shooting and calming body lotion or whatever you love to make your skin happy with, after the procedure.

   The next day, you will have perfectly clean and polished beautiful legs.

   Enjoy your new beauty experience.

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25 June 2013


Hi, Friends!

After some break time, I'm back again with short review-notification about FURLA - our sweet desired Candy bags - Summer 2013! All Candy models, relevant now!

Let's begin:

Onyx, Opaline - Rubber
Green Shades - Camouflage printed rubber




Turquoise, Onyx - Rubber + Double jeans fabric

Opaline, Onyx - Rubber + Double jeans fabric

Olive - Rubber + Python printed nabuck calf leather
Light Blue - Rubber + Python printed calf leather
Papaya - Rubber + Python printed calf leather
Pink - Rubber + Python printed calf leather
Lime - Rubber + Crocodile back printed calf leather
Opaline - Rubber + Crocodile back printed calf leather
Marble - Rubber + Crocodile back printed calf leather

Hazelnut, Cuoio - Rubber + Crocodile back printed calf leather
Ocean - Rubber + Crocodile back printed calf leather
Opaline, Onyx - Rubber + Panarea saffiano calf leather
Natural Shades, Cuoio - Rubber + Crocodile printed calf leather
Lime, Cuoio - Rubber + Straw
Papaya, Natural Shades - Rubber + Straw
Rose, Natural Shades - Rubber + Straw

   What a beautiful colors and shades, right :)?

   If you are interested about the latest Furla Catalogue Summer 2013, you can download it from here.

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