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05 February 2013


To my colleague
F. Meingast,  who is always so good
to give me professional opinion and directions,
which every beginner Blogger needs!

     Who doesn't love apples?

     Who doesn't love magic?
     Who doesn't love fairy tales?
     Who doesn't believe in miracles?

     Who doesn't like to dream from time to time?
     The magical collection of apples of Nina Ricci can really bring you to different, fantastic world - only, by poetry, included in these so delightful fragrances.
     Which one I would recommend? Honestly? This is going to be very difficult choice :)!
     Personally, I find very beautiful aroma shades in each composition, but my preferred one is the classical apple - the first apple:
Nina Ricci
     Delicious, voluptuous, magical red apple bottle and fragrance!...
     Since it has been launched in 2006, it became favorite to many women worldwide, without any age limits! There's no limits for the fantasy, for the fairy tales, for the magic :)
     After its great success, the company lunched other versions. Here I will make short review:


     Enchanted fragrance with fruity and delicious, reveals skin irresistible notes of delightfully enchanting apple's elixir.

Love by Nina
   Apple tree wood enters the composition alongside Granny Smith, bringing a hologram of the sinfully evocative fruit in front of your...nose! Delicacy of cherry blossom with its lightly powdered feel alongside sweet litchi and almond, anchored by white musk and cedar account for a fruity gourmand to turn heads.
    Notes: Apple tree wood, Litchi, Granny Smith, white Cedar, Musk, Almond, Frangipane, Cherry Blossom
     By the way, here I found one nice and intriguing idea about the make-up, inspired by this perfume:
Nina Gold
   Very beautiful and elegant bottle, responding to the same 
   Notes: Calabrian lemon and Caipirinha lime


     Delicate combination of orange, mandarin, orange blossom and delicate almonds. A heart features heliotrope with glazed apple and gardenia, where the base notes incorporate sandalwood, blond wood, patchouli and vanilla. Available in 50 ml.
     Compares urbanity with sweet princess "reality".

Nina Fantasy
     Launched 2011. The delicious blend of Nina Fantasy opens with sparkling notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Pear for a light impression. Heart of powdery Heliotrope, voluptuous Rose, and delicate Cherry Blossom make for a wonderful signature accord, while a dry down of Vanilla sprinkled with Brown Sugar embraces the body with gourmand sweetness.        Very light, like fruit illusion - leaves tender aroma veil after you.
     Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pear, Rose, Heliotrope, Solar Notes, Brown Sugar, Maté


Nina L'Elixir
    Sparkling, sensual and gourmand fragrance, with jasmine and red fruits notes. Edition for Christmas 2012
        Personally, I find it not very similar to the classical apple.     
     Nina L'elixir perfume by Nina Ricci is one fabulous fragrance. One of the most impressing and capturing versions of the Apple, after the classical one. (Classical I call the first - original, edition. The prototype.)
    Notes: lemon, lime, red fruits, jasmine, apple, caramel, oriental notes, white musk, amber, jasmine.
Nina Precious
     Nina Precious by Nina Ricci - limited edition, presents a new irresistible apple, decorated with Swarowski crystals. The notes of this limited edition from bergamot and lemon. The heart includes notes of peony, apple, and funds fragrance consists of musk and praline.
     Notes: Bergamot, lemon, peony, apple, praline, musk.


Nina Princesse d'un Jour

     The house of Nina Ricci started the Nina collection with their first fragrance launched in 2006, in flacons shaped like charming apples with optimistic, spontaneous and cheerful composition. After the original edition, the collection is increased every year thanks to new versions and limited editions that continue the tradition of cheerful and juicy compositions. The new edition has been presented in 2012 and its name is Nina Princesse d'Un Jour, available in limited number.
         Nina Princess for a day is a limited-edition fragrance in lovely shimmering red bottle. Femininity, delicacy - amazing tantalizing fragrance.
     Notes: citrus and lovely notes of Calabrian lemon, Caipirinha green lemon with apple wood, white Cedar, musk, praline, peony petals, vanilla and Queen of the Night flowers.
     Which one, you would choice, depends on the way you feel your aura, mood and taste, in the current period of time.        Which one responds the best way - that's your choice!
       What a delicious and beautiful collection!!!... :)
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