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26 May 2015


   Today's article is about another one rare fragrance in my collection, which I managed to find.

   As you already may got impression, that I like to collect classics/vintage perfumes. Unfortunately, most of them are reformulated, so it's hard to find well preserved or new, still in production perfume, which still smells the same way, as at the beginning, when it was launched on the market.

   One of my recent discoveries is LA PERLA by LA PERLA ("MORRIS", Parma - ITALY).

   I wanna just mention, that LA PERLA is Italian brand, which makes and sells its own lingerie and fragrances all over the world - very beautiful, very high quality. You MUST see.

   This interesting creation, has been created in 1987 from IFF company.  

   LA PERLA is real classical fragrance - very significant, very unique. It's composition contains very rich, very thick compilation of notes - flowers, spices, fruits, citruses, wood, mosses, resins, animalic, green smells. Because of this density of all these perfume shades, it reminds me very much MAGIE NOIRE by Lancome. 

   It has very rich and "complicated" pyramid:


Carnation, Mandarin Orange, Freesia, Osmanthus, Bergamot, Lemon


Ylang-Ylang, Honey, Coriander, Pepper, Orris Root, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Rose, Cardamom


Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Benzoin, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Incense

   This perfume belongs to those type of fragrances, which you need time to build relationship with. Deffinitely!

 First of all, as we all know, every perfume settles on everybody's skin in different way, according to the individual skin chemistry. 5 different people can "create" 5 different shades of 1, yes, one and the same perfume!

   When I sprayed first time on my wrist, I was overwhelmed by its power and intense. I realized, that this fragrance's way of appliance must be by spraying in the air and passing through the cloud. This is the only one way to wear this fragrance, without to be annoying for the people around you. Also, don't spray directly on the skin on your arm, but also into the air and touch the cloud with the arm. Applying this fragrance this way, I got many compliments. Only in this way, this perfume can develop its notes on your skin naturally.

   So, after my first test on my skin, my first thought was FIRDOUS + INCENSE! I have attar Firdous, so I perfectly well know how it smells! And both of these notes, stays on oakmoss, honey and incense.  With the time, another notes settles and shows up - coriander; pepper not so much; soft amber; calming sandalwood; citrus, jasmine, musk are not so "visible" here. Rose can emerge very beautifully!

   This is how I feel this perfume. I got this impression by testing the fragrance now, in the middle of the Spring, in normal temperatures, in normal humidity of the air, on dry skin.

   It smells CLASSICS, not old. It's that type of old school perfumes, which develop and unveil its notes within an hour. It has no age boundaries, if applied properly. Do not shower yourself with the fragrance. Never do this with any edt or edp. this is not the right way to apply perfume.

   The perfume comes in matt glass bottle, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml.

   The new version has been launched in 2012 and the bottle has another shape.

  Photos of the order, the original box and the bottle

   I ordered this perfume from the online store abergun - MODAKOKU from Gittigidiyor (Turkey) - the Turkish online pages of EBAY.

The perfume came wrapped and sealed in nylon


  LA PERLA is lovely perfume, which can be suitable for women of all ages.

   It has its own character and composition, which develops in unique way on the different people, as I already mentioned.


   I came to as opinion, that depends on the cases, there are two ways of wearing:

   1. Official event:

   - As evening fragrance, you can spray directly on your wrists (not so close, of course, because it can be too powerful) or behind your knees, (depends on the evening dress model). Don't wear it, if you go to restaurant (depends on how it sounds on your skin - even, if you can't feel it, it can be annoying for the other).

   2. Day wear:

   - Spray cloud in the air and pass through. You will smell wonderful. The perfume will stay close to your skin and will develop very beautifully. On your hair and clothes, the perfume drops will stay with the same fragrance wave, without to develop. LA PERLA will create around you very beautiful perfume aura.

  Would I recommend it?



Photos: Natalie Beaute

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