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21 April 2013


   Hello, friends!

   This is my Rexona Shower Fresh's review, which I promised to create.

   Last Summer, I was fascinated from these two products - Rexona Linen Dry and Rexona Shower Fresh.

   As you already have noticed, the products have nice matte and smart shaped designed bottles, for easy and comfortable use.
   Also they are safety for children, because they can be locked, which is not easy for a child to unlock, because it requires to use little bit force.
   The product is available, as usual, in three different variants - deodorant, roll-on, deo stick.   
   Which one you are going to use, depends only on your own desire.
   The fragrance of Rexona Shower Fresh - in it's spray variant, is little bit more powerful,  really fresh, including some soft sweet notes, such as a chewing gum or bonbon aroma.
   According to my perceptions and opinion, it's not suitable for office working environment (as Rexona Linen Dry), but most likely for casual use, night time wear, fitness...
   Of course, the other tho variants - roll-on and deo stick, are more suitable for such environment, because they are more delicate and their aroma is soft.

   My personal choice is:
   Rexona Linen Dry - for working/official environment and occasions - business lunch/dinner or meeting, visiting theater, concert, cinema...
   Rexona Shower Fresh - for casual wear, night with friends outside, sport... 
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