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27 October 2014


   Hello, friends!

  I've already got my Memebox - Superbox #26 Snail 2

  This box is definitely one of my favorite MEMEBOX boxes!


   The accent of the products, included in this box is on the natural ingredient in the Korean cosmetics, which is very popular and desirable in the beauty treatments of many Ladies nowadays - Snail Mucus.

  The products in this box are "super-concentrated snail mucin ingredients, that maximizes skin's elasticity and firmness, restores damaged tissue and replenishes lost moisture to support the natural skin cell renewal and structural restoration, for a youthful and radiant glow".

   Let's open and look closer:


   This box is wonderful compilation from 7 full size products, representing 6 different Brands:







   ...and 7 different products:

   Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream - DEWYTREE

   Snail Hand Cream Milk - PURE SMILE

   Snail Bubble Foam Cleansing - CNKCOS

   Origin Ampoule No. 3 - CLEOSIS

 Hanhui Snail Skin Refinisher CC Cream SPF50++PA+++ - HANHUI

   Snail+EGF Repairing Gel Cream - SECRET KEY

   Snail+EGF Repairing Mask Pack - SECRET KEY

  Each one of them, represents high quality product!

  This is full set of products for your daily skincare for Face - cleansing, nourishing, moisturising, shooting, makeup, mask, - and for Hands - lovely hands cream.

   Here are the full descriptions:


   Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream 80 ml - DEWYTREE   (normal price 46 USD)

  This cream has light elastic formula. Elastic :), because when you touch it, it extends 2-3 cm, but it's not sticky at all.

   Right now, I am using this product and I like it. It leaves on your skin very thin film, which makes it feel elastic, nourishing for hours and also - it seems good base for your makeup.

  Because of its very light formula, I am using this cream morning and evening (as night cream, too).

   On the following photos, you can see how the original retail package looks like:

Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream 80 ml - DEWYTREE

   On the box you can read full description of the cream and full list of its ingredients.

   You can see a lot of natural products added inside:

   Snail Secretion Filtrate

   Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)

   Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract

   Hydrogenated Lecithin

   Vegetable Oil - not described what exactly

   Althaea Rosea Root Extract

   Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

   Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil

Here you can see the description on the box and also full list of the ingredients

   One good thing - the product comes sealed. The package is clear as glass never touched before.

    The box is plastic.

    The box is not sealed with foil list, but it's closed with plastic cover:

  This nice cream is very light, hypoallergenic, there is no fragrance, usually the skin accepts it as very friendly (if there are not some specific health conditions, which needs doctor's permission or observation).

   I notice, that it has very good influence on some blemishes on the skin, pigmented spots or scratches - it has calming and repairing, regenerating effect. 

   Most suitable for Spring and Autumn.

   I would recommend it, if you are searching for snail cream!

* * *

   Snail Hand Cream Milk 60g - PURE SMILE   (normal price 5 USD)

   Very rich on natural ingredients lovely hand cream, which I love from the first applying.

Snail Hand Cream Milk 60g - PURE SMILE

  The cream is moisturizing and leaves on your skin very nice yummy coconut-nuts fragrance. Your hands are soft and very pleasant on touch.

   The natural ingredients' list includes:

   Snail Mucus Extracts

   Milk Protein Extracts

   Olive Oil

   Macadamia Seed Oil

   Shea Butter

   Green Tea Extracts

   Aloe Vera Leaf Extracts

   Collagen Extracts

   The product does not come sealed.


  If you are searching for rich nourishing cream for your hands, which the same time to care for your skin on deep level - this can be one of your choices. Why? Because, my observations shows, that this product really works.

   I recommend it!!!

* * *

   Snail Bubble Foam Cleansing 150 ml - CNKCOS   (normal price 17 USD)

  Rich in Snail extracts and creates gentle mousse-foam, for tender cleaning the surface of your skin from makeup remains.

Snail Bubble Foam Cleansing 150 ml - CNKCOS

  This product has wonderful aroma of very fresh tender Lemongrass. It's lovely! The scent just brightens up your mood and it's a kind of aromatherapy.

   After removing your make up, just pump up 2-3 times on small face sponge or directly on your hand and swipe on your face and neck. After - gently wash out.

   Here, you can see the real color of the product:


 Very light, very fresh and most of everything - effective product.

   I recommend it!

   * * *

   Origin Ampoule No. 3 30 ml - CLEOSIS   (normal price 84 USD)

   Another product, which is very common and consistent part of the Asian beauty care - ampoule.

  Here, it's represented by PERFECT ORIGINE AMPOULE NO.3 - "Containing the Proportion of 99.5% of HYDRAPROTECTOL" by Sederma, France.

   Usually in the Asian (and already whole over the world) the ampoule is main part of the everyday beauty care routine. Usually, there are several steps:

  1. Cleaning the makeup from your face with product by your choice and according to your skin type and type of makeup

  2. Washing out all possible left remains from the makeup with foam or gel, from the face and neck

   3. Applying 2-3 drops (the amount is individual and depends on the product, on the surface you need to treat) all over the clean skin on your face and neck area with gentle swiping motions

 4. Applying your favorite Day/Night cream or Moisturizer

 5. Applying your Foundation/BB/CC cream, beginning your makeup (if you do this in the morning)

   Even, between step 4. and 5., I apply additional product - MIZON Snail Repair Cream, but not always. Only, when I need to treat some skin irritations.

   Here, MEMEBOX SUPERBOX #26 SNAIL 2 represents to our attention one very high quality product:

Origin Ampoule No. 3 30 ml - CLEOSIS

  Here, on the back side of the package you can read the ingredients, which the ampoule contains:





   Hydrogenated Castor Oil

   Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil

   The product comes in this transparent box, which is sealed from the top and from the bottom side.

   The ampoule is massive glass bottle with glass pipette.

   The product is transparent with slightly white-yellow color.

   The scent is tender Lavender.

   Also, the ampoule is sealed from the bottom, as you can see on the following photo of the product, which I got in my MEMEBOX SUPERBOX #26 SNAIL 2:

The Ampoule - in front

The Ampoule - from back


   As you already realized correctly - this is the most expensive product in this box with the highest quality and many more superlatives, than the other products: 84 USD.

   The skin absorbs the product very fast, becoming nourished and elastic. There is no sticky or oily remaining sensation or feeling.

   The light scent is very pleasant and the same time is natural and not irritating in anyway (of course, every skin is different, that's why no matter what we are going to use and how good it can be for the other people, we always must make test on sensitive part of the skin on our body - in the internal part of our elbow for example; just apply little product and wait 5-10 min.; if there is no irritation - it is ok for you). 

   It pampers the skin gently and effectively helps for treating irritations, blemishing in any type of skin, day & night.

   I recommend it!

* * *

 Hanhui Snail Skin Refinisher CC Cream SPF50++PA+++ 50ml - HANHUI (normal price 18 USD)

Front side of the tube

Back side of the tube

   Color Control Cream, which according to the description "glides softly onto your skin like whipped cream and smoothes out the uneven skin tone and texture for a naturally glowing coverage. The color capsules from the CC cream work to match your own natural skin tone, so it's more close to a complexion-brightening than a whitening effect".

   According the result of testing this product on my own:

   1. The product has semi-light texture (but not light as other products for example).

   2. It doesn't glide softly onto the skin and the skin doesn't accept it very easy - you need to swipe, swipe, swipe in order to place the product accurately on your whole face.
  3. The product has light coverage of skin blemishes or problems.
   4. It has whitening effect, but only as cosmetic effect from outside - it doesn't bleach your skin, it just gives lighter appearance. So, if your skin tone is Natural Beige or Beige - the result will be one tone lighter.

   You can see, how the product looks like and how it changes, during the blending motions.

   If this product is on the face - its color is lighter, that yours. You must keep in mind, that every product - blush, CC/BB cream or foundation, and especially eyeshadows are always giving different color result, than the result on your fingers or arm, or neck, or leg.

   The model, which shows this product has very light beige to fair skin tone:

The product, - just pumped out from the tube

The product slowly changes its white color to very very light beige to fair

Here, the product is almost blended, but still not absorbed fully from the skin.
You can see it's slightly thicker film on it
and to see the glowing coverage.
If it's on the face - its color is lighter, that yours.


   5. It's slightly thicker consistency can expose your large pores, if you don't apply face primer before this product. The pores literally stays white, because of the product, completely filled there, during the swiping.
   6. In the matter of fact, this CC cream doesn't appear very natural on the face.
   7. It doesn't blend or "work together" with your natural skin tone.
   8. You definitely must clean this product with special for this case oil - Oil for deep cleaning (which you can find a lot of them on the Asian beauty market).
   9. In my case - my skin reacted with irritation, after the removing process.

   Here, you can see details on the box of the product:



   Unfortunately, this product did not work for me, but maybe can work for you!

  If you have dry, sensitive or very sensitive skin, or some skin problems - I don't recommend it!

   Would I recommend it? It's must be individual choice!

* * *

   Snail+EGF Repairing Gel Cream 50g - SECRET KEY   (normal price 18 USD)


 The company - SECRET KEY, has very serious sets of products for beauty care and you can get familiar with the company story and the products in the containing here links.

   Definitely, you must get to know all of them - this is one of the most popular brands in the Asian beauty market and it's represented here in the box with two products.

   One new very powerful conception is so called EGF product in combination with Snail mucus - Epidermal Growth Factor, which transforms the product into powerful repairing product.

I still didn't test this product, but I red very good comments about.

   It's texture is as light transparent gel, very suitable for summer time, when it gives rich moisturizing of your skin, combined with refreshing, cooling, shooting and repairing effect. Helps for damaged skin. 

  The company describes this product as - "tightening, brightening, moisturizing, restoring, shooting":

1. Lightweight gel type. 
Up for moisture and cool feeling! Down in oily feeling! Witch
hazel helps permeate into skin without causing any irritation. 
2. Natural preservative is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.
3. Moisturizing ability and prevention of moisture loss
It keeps skin moisturized by forming a moisture barrier on the skin 
and minimizing moisture loss.
4. Calming effect on skin problems: Snail slime extract and EGF 
are effective for calming skin problems. 

   Also, the company suggests to use it after lotion.

   Personally, I use this type of products on clear skin.

   The product ingredients: Snail slime extract, Witch hazel extract, Aloe vera leaf extract, Beta-Glucan (β-Glucan), Lemon extract.


   This is wonderful light Summer cooling, shooting cream.

   I will definitely use it!

 Because, I still did not test it, I will leave my recommendation for later, when I will have result and observations to do that!

* * *

   Snail+EGF Repairing Mask Pack 20g*1ea - SECRET KEY   (normal price 5 USD)

   Another one Epidermal Growth Factor product is the following mask, which I tried and I liked the result - it is visible immediately! It leaves tie skin deeply nourished, shooting the blemishes or irritations, and it has slightly whitening effect.
Snail+EGF Repairing Mask Pack 20g*1ea - SECRET KEY

   I put the mask sheet on clean face. I kept it for 20 min. and after I didn't swipe the rest of the lotion on my skin as the company recommends, but I made light massage and I washed it out. After I applied the ampoule and that was for the night.


   This mask works, really works and the result is visible after the 15-20 min.

   I recommend it!

* * *


   This box contains 7 full sized products.

   Each one of them is very high quality product.

   The amount of all products in MEME SHOP is 193 USD.

  The price of the box is 32 USD (shipping has additional charge, according to what type you would choice).

   As long as this box is no more available, but the products are - you can find them in the MEMESHOP.

   Would I recommend these products?


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