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30 September 2014

ELENI WATCH - AVON!!! Review...

   Hello, friends!

 From all AVON watches, which I had possibility to see in real, this one is the most beautiful and gorgeous - ELENI Watch!  


   It's available periodically in AVON's catalogues in gold color only.

This one even has one additional stone under the first part of the chain, under the deal :) 
    The chain is not adjustable - it's only one size.

    The watch is heavy and often moves down to the hand.

You can see the small plastic locker on the right side

  The product is coming with 2 years guarantee and full details instruction.

   You must set the right time at the moment of the activation.

   The look of this very beautiful watch as accessoire is almost perfect. It's suitable for official appearance, for daily appearance, in interesting casual appearance also.

  One tip: the watch is heavy and it will fell down on your hand, I mean - it will stay free, too large. 

  If you prefer to be not so large and turning around your hand, it's better to bring to specialist to adjust the right measure for you.

Eleni Watch - AVON

   About how to care for your watch - it's recommended to keep it away from water (it's not water resistant), to clear / polish the surface with very soft and non-scratchy piece of textile, preferable those for jewellery care. 

   Eleni Watch by AVON definitely looks very beautiful on the arm


If you think, that this is your style of accessoire - do not hesitate!

Yes, I recommend it!

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