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10 October 2015


   Hello, friends!

   After long Holiday, I'm back here with new photo and information materials, which I'm going to share with you in my next articles. 
   During these weeks, I had possibility to approach part of my old - let's say, classic collection of perfumes. I made photos of the bottles, boxes (those of them, which are partially available - just box, or just bottle, I will publish much later), I made analyse of each one of them. 
     I truly hope, that my work will be useful and subject of great interest for you!

   I decided to start with one of the most favorite perfumes from the near past - "STEPHANIE" by BOURJOIS. (I already have published short article about it here - in this Blog of mine.)

     As we all know, BOURJOIS' perfumes are still really very, truly loved and appreciated from majority of the women and unfortunately, greatly missed. Some of their masterpieces are discontinued, long ago. Other - are re-formulated.

  Such discontinued masterpiece is "STEPHANIE" EDP, 1980 and "EAU DE STEPHANIE" 1980, created with the Princess of Monaco Stephanie.

   Now, I have the possibility finally to publish here detailed photos of the box, which we have.

   In the description is specially paid attention to the fact, that the perfume "STEPHANIE" has "an exceptionally rich concentration" of oils, that just a 2-3 drops are enough and the perfume will stay all day and night on your skin.

   I can testify, that this is true! Despite its unusual longevity and silage, "STEPHANIE" is not overwhelming, not annoying but stays beautiful, tender and captivating the senses during all its "life" on your skin.

   It leaves very long lasting veil after you!

   Here you can see in details:

   - the original bottle - massive glass, the biggest amount - 75 ml, EDP, Natural spray, batch code on the bottom of the label

   - the original box - in front, aside, back side, bottom side with code

   - the original note inside the box - description in 6 languages - French, English, Deutsch, Japanese, Spanish, Italian

Description in 6 languages - French, English, Deutsch, Japanese, Spanish, Italian

Description in 6 languages - French, English, Deutsch, Japanese, Spanish, Italian

The description in English

"Un parfum, c'est une façon de se reveler dans un sillage, de signer son passage d'un accord personnel.
Mon parfum est comme je suis.


 It's definitely A MUST HAVE fragrance. Honoured ambassador of the true perfumes, left somewhere in the past.

   Nowadays so called "perfumes" are turning more and more of them, into chemical shadows of the meaning and conception of what a real PERFUME used to be and should continue to be!

   In one of my next articles I write about such lost treasure - killed, by the re-formulation campaign - campaign, against the usage of natural oils in the perfumes.

   I wish BOURJOIS bring back "STEPHANIE", but NOT re-formulated!

   If you still can find it somewhere - I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT!!!

Product image: Natalié Beauté
   Natalié Beauté

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