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14 October 2012

AUTUMN IS HERE - Some cosmetics suggestions for preparation from Autumn to Winter's transition

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Golden Autumn

   Autumn is already here in its own remarkable beauty! The Golden season - gold everywhere - gold in the leafs of the trees, gold in the grass, gold in the mountains...

The Nature slowly prepares for the cold Winter season and we need to catch and keep the last golden Sun rises with us, as small treasures from the hot Summer! 

   We can make some changes in our home interior design, we can make some changes in our wardrobe, in our home cosmetics "store" - also. It's all about changing views, colors, aromas, music...

   Let's see some ideas.

   1. Some Fragrances:
Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire (2012)

   Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire (2012)

   Fragrance with character - fragrance for the independent young woman.
   The last warm Autumn evenings with friends outside, going on restaurant or party, or even special event. This specific composition 

Gurelain - La Petite Robe Noire L'Extrait
   This special Elixir will increase the aroma of the perfume - more sensual, long lasting results.
Gurelain - La Petite Robe Noire Body Lotion

   You may also enjoy the Body Lotion...

   Parlez-moi d'Amour - John Galliano

   Other nice suggestion for the Autumn season.

Parlez-moi d'Amour - John Galliano


Potion - Dsquared2 for Women
Potion - Dsquared2

Intensive, dare, capturing...

   2. Skin Care:


   Available in different variants, for different types of skin, it's friendly to your face and the result is really fantastic.

L'Oreal NUTRI-GOLD - Day


   Both of them are another good choice, which you can make for really good care of your skin.
L'Oreal NUTRI-GOLD - Night


   Light texture. Pro Calcium defense. Silk oil, White Jasmin. Perfect silk results.
   I LOVE IT!...

   3. Hair Care:

   Because this season is related with transition to other low-temperatures season, I'm going to suggest you directly about Hair CREME. The Autumn is period of time, when we have to prepare our hair to resists to all temperature challenges of the Winter.
   It's not only about the beauty of our hair, but it's about its health. Because, only the healthy hair is beautiful hair.

   MIOSOTIS - Hair Creme   

Miosotis - Hair Creme

   This amazing product makes really miracles with your hair, especially in "emergency" moments. 
   It contains marrow and placenta extracts. Once applying on the hair, you can feel the results in seconds. The texture changes your hair surface - the touch is different. It leaves your hair totally refreshed, vitalized and nourished. It becomes accessible for easy combing and usually, your hair doesn't become oily the next day.


Nourishing Mask for Dry Hair
   Macadamia and Babasu oil, Hydromanil. It contains also water from icebergs and oligo-elements, minerals enriched.
   Apply on your washed and dried with towel hair for several minutes. After - wash.


   Deep moisturizing and nourishing hair mask with Bambuk and Keratin for Dry Hair. Helps to repair your hair and increase its strength against the environmental conditions and treats. It protects and repair in deepness.
LORYS - Hair Creme, Deep Moisturizing
Bambuk and Keratin
   This product seria also offers many other variants for each type of hair and individual needs of every client. Just one more suggestion: 


   Another type of Hair Creme - contains the active ingredient Garlic. For additional strength and invigorating. For weak hair and roots. Ideal for fighting against hair loss or damage, after hair treatment with intensive and very aggressive hair color products.

   Just, don't laughing - in this case, garlic doesn't means, that after the treatment your hair will smell garlic :)! Nothing like that!...

   The results are very fast and visible!

   4. Three dark Gothic Lipstick colors in the season of Halloween:

   CHANEL, MAC...       

MAC - Spring Colour 3, Forecast Lipstick Hang-up

CHANEL - Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colors

CHANEL - Rouge Allure - 147 Maniac, 157 Hysteria, 137 Obscure

Halloween is coming ;)


OPI Nail Polish - Miami Beat

OPI Nail Polish - One Dozen Roses

OPI Nail Polish - Bogota Blackberry NLF52

   Some unusual colors and shades...

Giorgio Armani - Autumn 2010 Make-up Collection

   I hope, this suggestions can be complete useful, in combination with very good results, which are possible  with these high-quality products!

   Stay in touch for the next material, which is coming soon... ;)

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