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13 June 2012


       Homemade face masks and hair are somehow forgotten. Is it because we do not have time, flooded cosmetics us with suggestions or just us easier. In any case, if you want something really good for your face, your hair, for ourselves - there's no better choice than home mask.

       At your service we have collected various recipes for masks in one place.

Choose your own and take care of yourself!

       Some Homemade Face masks:

Homemade face mask with shredded zucchini
Homemade mask for youthful skin
Home tonic with basil against acne
Protein mask for oily skin
Mask of celery - ideal for dry skin
Mask of lettuce - rejuvenates and brings
Mask for youth with cottage cheese and buckwheat
Mask with honey for clogged pores and blackheads
Citrus mask keeps the skin in winter
Face mask with clay
Baking soda removes blackheads from the face and unclogs pores
An infusion from rosemary against wrinkles
Face mask with orange juice
Honey care for chapped lips
Snowballs for smooth skin
Rejuvenating mask with grapefruit
Almond oil - a gift from the East
Protein mask

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Honey care for chapped lips

Honey can protect your lips from drying


       The cold wind is the enemy number one smooth, juicy and tasty female lips. They are rough, gray, cracked at the edges with messy cuticles.

         Sometimes it can be cracked and so that every touch causing pain.

        Or is it too cold, or do not make enough care. Usually, however repeat that we should not go out without lipstick, lip gloss or Vaseline at least not going to forget. Consequently, the physical pain also become irritable, depressed and unhappy, not least because they feel unattractive.

Honey - liquid gold

           But even if we have Angelina Jolie's lips, it makes no sense to fall into hysterics, just be sure to take care of what we have. And this can be done by the way at home, while preparing dinner or watching TV. Here are some easy and delicious recipes I would say home made cream to relieve chapped lips and regain our happy and confident smile.

       Stir in cream box of equal parts of vaseline and honey butter, cinnamon and plump little elixir for a soft and fragrant kisses ready.

       Restoring and healing act and olive oil. While making the salad and our fingers are greasy with olive oil can namazhem his lips slightly. This can make every night with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil.

    And while drinking afternoon tea with lemon and honey, we can quickly make an ointment from a few drops of lemon and honey.

      With these little tricks women can maintain smoothness and shine to your lips and kiss us even more honey.

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Mask for youth with cottage cheese and buckwheat

Cottage cheese

       Despite all the predictions and creepy feeling that cold winter will never leave here, that year will enjoy a true miracle - spring.

       Revival of life, of joy and youth. In the spring of even the most hardened pessimist their lives and want to go in the sun, and there is nothing to be happy because our dear homeland, if anything, is (so far) in a very favorable climate zone and can enjoy real fresh and green spring.

       To be more beautiful, more vibrant and more youthful skin, try a mask with cottage cheese and buckwheat.
It nourishes the skin and removes dead cells, rich in calcium and selenium.
You can combine a healthy snack with a healthy mask.

1 tablespoon of cottage cheese

1 tablespoon cream

1 tablespoon of boiled buckwheat

       Mix well and apply on face for 15 minutes. Flush with light massage movements and reapply moisturizer. Now you can leave the street and enjoy the spring sunshine.


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Mask with honey for clogged pores and blackheads


       One of the most unpleasant cosmetic problems are undoubtedly blackheads on the face. Are common in women with oily skin. In addition to regular visits to the beautician, what would help us in the fight against clogged pores?

     There is an easy to prepare and effective mask to eliminate clogged pores, with the stipulation that you must be consistent in her use

        Pour into a container a little honey, then face Spread a thin layer of honey and start with smooth movements of the fingers to press and set aside until you feel a slight burning. Do not put extra honey. After a few minutes massage with honey, do not flush your face and put a wet towel on your face and wait 5 to 10 minutes. There remains no trace of stickiness on the face.

      The mask can be applied as many times as you want and the effect will be smooth and beautiful skin.

       Be of good cheer!

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Protein mask for oily skin

Egg - natural supply for protein face or hair mask

       Excessive oiliness of the skin is usually associated with black spots due to blockage of pores. Protein mask for oily skin is extremely easy to prepare, because it consists of only one ingredient - white.

       Separate egg whites from egg yolk and beat the white of snow.

You can use special brush for face mask with soft natural hair

       Then apply on face and leave for 20 minutes Wash and dry.

White egg

       For greater effect, exfoliate the face skin before applying the mask.

Facial scrub procedure

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Mask from Celery - ideal for dry skin


       We all know that what you eat - and becomes a mask. The issue is that it requires little more effort than ready to strike mask. But housewives who cook anywayI do not think it is okay to spend 20 minutes and for themselves, while dish simmer on the stove.


       Mask of the purposes we need:

course first Celery - 1-2 stalks (maybe root)
cream - 1 tablespoon
Oatmeal - 1 tablespoon
shea butter (Greek walnut) or whatever else you have - 1 tbsp

       On the plane or the easiest food processor shredding celery, add other products, mixing and application for 15-20 minutes per person.

       While you relax, the mask has worked - your skin is nourished and refreshed.

       To have the effect of these pet masks have to do them regularly.

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Mask from lettuce (green salad) - rejuvenates and brings


       How to make a mask of lettuce? Well done as spring lettuce.

       The leaves are cut into small pieces, mix with olive oil and lemon juice and then it's time to take a bowl and beauty, and the rest of Salt Himalayan salt and Serve for dinner. You can add radishes, cucumbers, eggs, sunflower seeds. Or every night to surprise with a new additive.

       All home will be happy.

       A green salad that you spend on mashing mask a little and then reapply for 15-20 minutes per person. Then wash with lukewarm water and apply cream. Mask refreshes, rejuvenates and smooths skin.

       You can make a mask, wash the dishes while the favorite after dinner and then to shine in front of him in all its beauty - a rebellious, young and naked!




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Home tonic with basil against acne


       Besides homemade mask against clogged pores and blackheads, you can make your home easy and tonic that will help against annoying acne.

       It takes you 2-3 tsp dried basil and a cup of boiling water. Dried basil steamed in water for 10-20 minutes Allow to cool and then apply to face using cotton.

       The effect of tonic with basil is refreshed and soothed skin. Apply it every day to achieve lasting results.


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