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13 June 2012

Mask from Celery - ideal for dry skin


       We all know that what you eat - and becomes a mask. The issue is that it requires little more effort than ready to strike mask. But housewives who cook anywayI do not think it is okay to spend 20 minutes and for themselves, while dish simmer on the stove.


       Mask of the purposes we need:

course first Celery - 1-2 stalks (maybe root)
cream - 1 tablespoon
Oatmeal - 1 tablespoon
shea butter (Greek walnut) or whatever else you have - 1 tbsp

       On the plane or the easiest food processor shredding celery, add other products, mixing and application for 15-20 minutes per person.

       While you relax, the mask has worked - your skin is nourished and refreshed.

       To have the effect of these pet masks have to do them regularly.

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