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13 June 2012


       Homemade face masks and hair are somehow forgotten. Is it because we do not have time, flooded cosmetics us with suggestions or just us easier. In any case, if you want something really good for your face, your hair, for ourselves - there's no better choice than home mask.

       At your service we have collected various recipes for masks in one place.

Choose your own and take care of yourself!

       Some Homemade Face masks:

Homemade face mask with shredded zucchini
Homemade mask for youthful skin
Home tonic with basil against acne
Protein mask for oily skin
Mask of celery - ideal for dry skin
Mask of lettuce - rejuvenates and brings
Mask for youth with cottage cheese and buckwheat
Mask with honey for clogged pores and blackheads
Citrus mask keeps the skin in winter
Face mask with clay
Baking soda removes blackheads from the face and unclogs pores
An infusion from rosemary against wrinkles
Face mask with orange juice
Honey care for chapped lips
Snowballs for smooth skin
Rejuvenating mask with grapefruit
Almond oil - a gift from the East
Protein mask

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