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03 August 2012


..."Be Yourself, be Individual, be AGENT ROVOCATEUR!!!"...   /Natalié Beauté/

...Exactly!... Contemporary, provocative, innovative, unforgettable, impressionable fragrances! Only for women with character and individual subscription!...

Agent Provocateur - Classic

...This it the "Classic" fragrance - "pure saffron oil from India, Moroccan rose oil, Egyptian jasmine, French magnolia oil, amber and musk. Encased in a precious porcelain bottle, this scent has become synonymous with seduction, pleasure and provocation of the senses."

   Really amazing - one of my favorite!


 According to me, I classify this aroma as autumn-winter, but it's possible to wear also Spring and Summer, but only as night wear! This astonishing fragrance isn't light, that's why, I suggest it for brunette women, but exceptions are possible!
Agent Provocateur - Maitresse
...According to the original description: "AP Maitresse is an intoxicating Eau De Parfum with the passionate top notes of White Lotus Petals and delicate nuances of white Ylang Ylang, caressed by the pure essence of Osmanthus core, and immersed deep into Jasmin Sambac...the scent of seduction."...    It's lighter fragrance, than the classical one! Also, keeps longer aromatic aura whole around you!...    My personal opinion is - I feel and suggest this perfume for all seasons and also for blonde women, too!    Anyway, which one you choice, it will be THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!...
   ..."Be Yourself, be Individual, be AGENT PROVOCATEUR!!!"...   /Natalié Beauté/
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