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31 October 2012

Duty Free or Sky Shopping - review of some actual products

   Hi, Friends!

   I'm back again ;)!

   During the last week, I had Fly-Sky Marathon in four days - 6 airplanes :), and of course, during the short break times between the flights, I checked for beauty products some duty free places at the airports and also some Sky Shopping Journals!

   Here, I will suggest you about some really most popular products, which you can directly "meet" at the Airport's Duty Free Shops or Sky Journals on the board! Also, I will give my personal opinion about products, which I already bought and which I am actually using!

   I'll sort the products according to brand!

   Let's just start with L'Oreal products:

   These three amazing gift sets you can find almost in every Duty free or Sky-fly Shop. Three of them are offering to you two mascara and one Kohl Eye Pencil. At least, you can share the second mascara with friend :)! They are available only in black color, as the shade is really very deep black. So, you can create really attractive smokey eyes make-up.
   The brush architecture of the mascaras and their quantity really allows to you (even if you are not make=up artist) to achieve very convincible and good drama effect.
   The kohl pencil is very dark, soft and deep black. Ideal, for smoky eyes effect.
 L'Oréal Mascara Sets 2x Duo Lash Architect 4D

L'Oréal Mascara Sets Duo Extra Volume Collagen

L'Oréal Mascara Sets Duo Extra Volume Collagen

   Some Clinique products:


   This nice set of lip glosses you can find and keep with you, during your holiday, business trip, travel. As you see, you can carry inside your cosmetic bag all the necessary colors for day and night time wearing - soft nude, light pink and some contrast colors and shades. There are colors for any moment of the day - casual or official, day or night time.
   They have soft texture and soft natural shining effect.

   Other interesting offer by Clinique:

Clinique Lipstick Sets Chubby Stick Set,
3x Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm
Mega Melon - 04, Woppin' Watermelon 06,
Super Strawberry 07

   These three colors are other exclusive travel set - compact and easy to manage in your travel bag. Three soft colors, with smooth texture, fragrance free, soft shades.
  Eye shadow set by Clinique:
Clinique Make-up Sets Eyes to go set cont. 8 Eyeshadows plus double-ended applicator
   8 soft colors for day and night wearing. Extremely delicate shine and texture - you must try this! Lovely collection in elegant silver-shining box.
   Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo - light pink shade from Sugarplum 18; light pink shade from Lovey Dovey 01; Dark shade from Blackberry Frost 07; light shade from Double Date 01; (Made in USA/Italy)
   Colour Surge from Eye Shadow Stay Matte - Slate 07; Midnight 09; (Made in USA)
  Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad - darkest shade from Black Tie Violets 01; white shade from Polar Blue 05; (Made in USA/Italy)


   Here you can find something for the fans of the Lip Plumper cosmetics. Dior Addict is introducing these products to our attention. No matter which one you will decide to choice, you will be satisfied. You can use them "solo" or under your favorite lipstick or gloss. But, honestly I would recommend their usage to be "solo". I mean - I wouldn't mix them with other products, just because I like the effect of the "natural" make up.

Dior Addict - Lip Plumper


   This trio must catch your attention - three vibrant, soft, beautiful, vivid colors, suitable for anyone of us, for any daytime usage - casual, official... Creamy texture, light, velvet.
   They are small compact trio, appearing in elegant, typical for Dior product's elegant shape of the case. Very comfortable set for your everyday make up bag or travelling make up bag.


  Large set, with day and night sets - each one consists from three eye shadows, accompanied by two lipsticks shades. Also light blush/powder and Diorshow Extase Mascara. The black vinyl case is imitation of the typical Dior bags' pattern.       
   This set consists also small tips brochure. You will be nice surprised.
   Available almost in every Duty Free - one of the most popular products.

Dior Diorshow Extase Diorshow Extase

   Small compact eye shadows set case with small forceps and mini Diorshow extase mascara.

   DIORSHOW EXTASE MASCARA - lovely product. Basically, you can find in 090 - Noir Extase/Black Extase.  As you can see on the box, it's introduced as "Instant lash plumping Mascara". It's in elegant golden case. It's brush has unusual shape, which also helps for the extase effect.
Miss Dior, Dolce Vita, J’adore, Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle, Dior Addict to Life… Succumb to the magic of five of the greatest women’s fragrances by Dior, united in an elegant case. 5 X 5ml. dipr les perfums

   If you are really addicted to Dior, you may also enjoy this nice set of five Dior most popular perfumes in travel set with lovely mini bottles.

Eyes and Lips Palette, Healthy Glow Harmony,


   Honestly, that was the first make up set, which captured my attention from the first moment. I saw it and after - nothing else were able to distract me from it.
   Light, delicate glowing fine eye shadows and fresh colored lipsticks.
   Amazing case - exactly for your Dior bag. 

   Just lovely.


   Light concealer set in elegant golden tube. Good and useful ally of the beauty of every Lady, especially, during long day travelling. You need it!

   So, dear Ladies, next time, when you are travelling, don't forget to check about at least one of these high quality products in Duty Free Shops on Sky Fly Shops on the board.

   Have a nice flight and enjoy your choice :)!

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