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19 May 2012

Protein mask

       Beat 1 egg white of snow. Add 1 teaspoon honey and 1 lazh tea. starch / wheat /. Mix well. 

      Apply to clean face. After 20 minutes rinse with tepid water. This mask smoothes, cleans blackheads.

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Rosemary, Lavender, Pomegranate and Sea buckthorn - a paradise for the body

The gifts of the Nature

       Natural cosmetics - products which nature gives us only after hiking in the summer or autumn is truly miraculous, as long as you know what to use.

        Here are the cases in which what we can use to feel your body well:

       Lavender - relaxes, helps with headaches, calm, good way to cure the sleep of children who have difficulty falling asleep;


       Rosemary - assisted respiration, runny or stuffy nose, refreshing, warm bath helps with cold feet and hands;


        Pomegranate - rejuvenates the skin, a powerful antioxidant products with an extract of pomegranate or pomegranate color are recommended for women over 40 years;


       Sea ​​buckthorn - refreshes and rejuvenates, elixir of sea buckthorn juice is really refreshing and appropriate for women in adulthood;

Sea ​​buckthorn

       Chestnut - cosmetics (massage oils, creams) with chestnut extract is suitable for varicose veins;


         Iris - products with iris extract is suitable for young girls aged between 14 and 28 years;


        Rose - rose oil and products with extract of rose hips or are suitable for women aged between 25 and 40 years.


       It is interesting to know that the extraction of about 20 kilograms of lavender oil are needed 1000 kg of plants. About 1 kg rose oil 2000 kg pink. The most expensive is the extraction of oil from orange color. Recovered in Tunisia and the price for 5 kg is € 40,000. About 5 kg of oil color orange are required 6 to 8 tons colors.

       It is also interesting that a major manufacturer of color is orange Tunisia roses are grown primarily in Turkey, pine and pine extracts come from Siberia, lavender - from France, mainly from Bulgaria and rosemary, lavender and pink flowers.

          (Some information in this text was granted by Weleda.)

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Citrus mask keeps the skin in winter

Citrus face mask

       Citrus masks are easy to prepare at home, feed the skin with necessary vitamins while we refresh. Besides citrus juice removes dead cells from the epidermis, also whitens the skin and may even cure it unpleasant spots and freckles.


       I suggest a simple and nice recipe for homemade face mask, which once a fortnight to refresh your skin and feeding it with vitamins during the winter period.

       You need a lemon and 20-30 grams of cream cheese. Peel the lemon peel and remove from its seeds. Crushing it in a bowl so that they become mushy. Add to mixture and 30 g cream cheese. Stir it until it becomes a homogeneous mixture, then apply it to the well-cleansed face. Keep the mask on the face about 15 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water and dry skin.

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Homemade mask for youthful skin


       Nature is the best assistant to beauty. If only a little snoop around the kitchen cabinets or look in the fridge, you will find at least ten products with which to beautify. Now we offer an easy homemade mask with yogurt, which help smooth out some wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.

       Acids found in dairy products, remove dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, moisturize skin and smooth wrinkles.

Yogurt with fruits can be also good alternative for your beauty

          Preparation and implementation of the mask:

       Mix one tablespoon of yogurt and three ripe strawberries with a fork passion, a few drops of olive oil. Apply the mixture on your face and stay with it for 15-20 minutes. Then remove with cotton wool soaked in mineral water or rose water.

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Face mask with clay


       Easy and inexpensive facial mask, which refreshes the dead skin and gives a clear look. Huma is available at pharmacies as a pack costs less than half a Euro. Here's how to prepare:

Face mask with clay

       1 tsp clay, mixed with 2 tsp yogurt and a few drops of rose water. Shake until a thick paste, applied on face for 15-20 minutes Wash off with lukewarm water and mild clapping movements with a dry towel.

       Optionally, you can sprinkle dry face after a little rose water or apply a cream from roses.

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Homemade face mask with shredded zucchini

       You need 2 tablespoons of grated zucchini. If you use a food processor - shredding all of your boating and less for the mask. Food Processor is a great device for 10 minutes to prepare and planing everything you need to put a pot to boil and yupiii: time to mask time to book or for a little creativity.

       Two tablespoons of zucchini mix with one tablespoon of steamed oatmeal. Apply on the face. Standing for 15-20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

       The mask is ideal for cleaning oily skin.
As you can see easily and simply - and almost all pet masks.


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Baking soda removes blackheads from the face and unclogs pores

Baking soda

       From the cold and wind suffer most face and hands. To remove dead cells and skin shine is good to regularly clean it. Commercial Premium scrubs are fragrant, but expensive, and certainly have a home soda. It is cheaper but equally effective as a scrub person. Fine granules of soda removes blockages of the pores, known as blackheads.

       Baking soda is a natural product that costs pennies but has mild antiseptic, so take care to prevent unpleasant sores on the skin.

       What is the recipe? Make rare cream 4 tsp bicarbonate of soda and 2 tablespoons water. Let's have stayed 2 minutes, then apply to the person by making small circles with your fingertips (not the eyes and neck). Let's have stayed 3 minutes, rinse with warm water then splashed cold water to close pores, pat dry and apply moisturizer.

       For normal and oily skin mask do with soda once every week and if you dry and sensitive skin - during the week.

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An infusion of rosemary against wrinkles


       Rosmarinic infusion can be prepared easily at home and works extremely well on the face, making it more elastic and firm and not least smoothing stubborn wrinkles.

Blooming Rosemary

         What we need:

       1 tablespoon rosemary, to flood with a glass of red wine (for dry and normal skin) or a glass of vodka (for oily skin). We put this mixture in a bottle or jar and then shake every two days. After six weeks and cloth can now use it. Potion store in a cool, dark place.

Rosemary infusion

       Morning and evening wiping with cotton soaked in tincture face. And after six weeks will no doubt feel her beneficent influence, and will ask to make this magic potion again and again.

Rosemary with blossoms

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