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19 May 2012

An infusion of rosemary against wrinkles


       Rosmarinic infusion can be prepared easily at home and works extremely well on the face, making it more elastic and firm and not least smoothing stubborn wrinkles.

Blooming Rosemary

         What we need:

       1 tablespoon rosemary, to flood with a glass of red wine (for dry and normal skin) or a glass of vodka (for oily skin). We put this mixture in a bottle or jar and then shake every two days. After six weeks and cloth can now use it. Potion store in a cool, dark place.

Rosemary infusion

       Morning and evening wiping with cotton soaked in tincture face. And after six weeks will no doubt feel her beneficent influence, and will ask to make this magic potion again and again.

Rosemary with blossoms

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