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08 May 2012


   Small Coral jewel

   Amazing fragrance for the amazing woman...


  Inspired by the shimmering hues of precious red coral, Omnia Coral is a radiant floral-fruity Eau de Toilette of tropical Hibiscus and juicy Pomegranate, reminiscent of Summer, the sun, resplendent nature and far-off oceans.

       But first - little historical notes...

   "Bulgari" 0r  "BVLGARIis a global model with a tradition in the manufacture of Jewelry jewelry, watches, accessories and fragrances. When it comes to the brand's history, always comes the question - is there a trace in Bulgarian brand, renowned as a symbol of luxury and good taste?

    Many ask whether Greek or Bulgarian is the creator of the famous jeweler's empire? History tells us that in 1880, grew up in Epirus Sotirios Bulgaris down to the port of Bari to demonstrate his ability to create true works of art in his shop for silver jewelry in Naples.
   But anyway, the main part of the name - Bulgar, leads to the real origin...
   This road of life becomes Sotirios Bulgari Bulgaris in Sotiria and in 1884 the street "Sistina" in Rome, he opens his first store. Later, the temple of grace moves on the street "Condotti", where today is a boutique company. The sons of Bulgari - Giorgio and Constantino, maintained the family tradition in the ability to harness in your jewellery items of cultural heritage of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

   Each item of "Bulgari" goes through a rigorous review to ensure that the requirements of the traditions are recreated in jewels - the epitome of perfection.

     From making the first stroke begins work on a masterpiece designed in the most appropriate colors. Workmanship and colored gemstones subject to the consciousness of beauty and strength of aesthetic suggestion.

     In 1992 "Bulgari" put on top of valuable company perfume samples with my first fragrance - Eau Parfumée AC Vert.
    After four successful fragrance line by Omnia - Crystalline, Amethyst and Green Jade, new flavor inspiration takes us into deep waters of the Mediterranean, where they form characteristic of southern Italian red coral. Coral Omnia is latest addition to the ranks of the line.         

  The magnificence of the coral has long mastered the universe of BVLGARI with its deep color. In combination with other gemstones coral offers endless possibilities of colors, shapes and effects to the artist's imagination.                
    Once the Romans believed coral ward off evil forces. Today the new addition of the line fragrances Omnia is truly floral-fruity charm of warm days, combining radiant freshness of floral notes with ease of juicy fruit.

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