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04 March 2015


   Hello, ladies!

   As I already mentioned in one of my previous posts, these months, I am regularly using products from Daeng Gi Meo Ri line by DOORI COSMETICS, and just yesterday, I found on the same store - ARIFOGLU, another product from the same line - KI GOLD PREMIUM NUTRITIVE HAIR MASK PACK.

  I must say, that this Hair Mask Pack makes general difference, than another hair mask products. This one has very different effect and makes very positive change on your hair. 

   First thing, I noticed, when I applied the product on my hair was the menthol refreshing aroma and also feeling on my hair and skin. Also, the surface of the hair changed on touch. 

   I just applied it for 3 minutes from the tips of the hair, till the middle of the length. After I washed it out and my hair totally changed - heavy, soft and smooth, pleasant on touch and sense. 

   The manufacturer recommends for usage: wash your hair, leave it to dry naturally, apply the mask and massage, wash out very well.

  After this product, my hair become extremely easy for combing and brushing. It looks vivid, very very shining, there is no static electricity.

   As you can see, the product comes in plastic bottle - 500 ml, with pump as all other products from the line. The consistency is creamy in dark beige color, smells herbs. For some people the scent can be nice, from other - not so, until you get use to it.
   The short resume on the back side of the bottle of the Hair Mask Pack, describes the product the following way:

   "Precious herbal ingredients such as Korean Ginseng and Korean Red Ginseng, it provides the nutrition and elasticity to damaged hair, caused by frequent styling with chemical procedure with Keratin and Camelia Oil."

Close look on the description of the product

   The most significant herbs in this products are:

   - Korean Ginseng

   - Arthemisia

   - Cnidium Officinale

   As you will see from the full list with the ingredients, it includes much more natural ingredients, than the previews products, which I reviewed before:

   - Menthol

   - Panthenol *

   Here, there are other photos of the same bottle, before I remove the descriptions on Turkish language (I bought it from ARIFOGLU in OZDILEK PARK, Antalya).



   I like this product. For me it works the way I expected. I hope, it will work for most of you the same  positive way, that's why I RECOMMEND to you, to give it a chance!

   I'd like to listen your opinion about this or a product from this line. Please, if you want, write me your impressions about it. Thank you for giving from your time and attention, to read my modest review! I hope, it's useful and helpful for you!

Images: Natalié Beauté

Natalié Beauté

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  1. Hello Natalie Beaute, I agree with you! This is my absolute favorite hair product. It leaves hair just as you described; silky, soft and manageable - your hair will feel luxurious, just as the name suggests. It was recommended to me by a Korean beauty store owner who sold it in 4 oz bottles combined with Alterna Kendi Pure Treatment Oil.

  2. Thank you, for your kind comment! I am happy to listen your opinion, too!
    What are your impressions form Alterna Kendi Pure treatment Oil?