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12 November 2012




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11 November 2012


   Today, I will try to give answer of the optional question "WHY the oldest things are much better, that the newest ones?"...

   E, you have the answer here:

   Do you remember this oldie :)? Oldie, but golden / Goldie ;)...

   This product is so popular "Kech Balsam" (I tries to write the name phonetically Kéz - kéch, from Hungarian language). It has been launched during 70-es and it's still very popular and you can find in many countries.

   What makes this product so good?

   Because of it's qualities - we can be sure about them, reviewing the results after 2-3 days even! 

   Also, it's universal - enriched Body and Hand Lotion. It's nourishing, creamy, sunflower seed oil, which is so useful for the elasticity of the skin, for the growing of the nails and their strength, for preventing stretch marks and many other cosmetics problems. Can be used many times daily.

   It's aroma is very nice, delicate and has nothing to do with the aroma of the nowadays body/hand products. Kech Balsam smells with own unique fragrance and it stays whole day long.

   This lotion is very useful especially for people with dry, very dry to sensitive skin.

   It's suitable for every season. Especially winter time. Summer time - it's calming the sun burned skin very well.

   When you apply on the skin, you must continue with light massage. It takes little time to be absorbed fully from the skin, but it's not oily or sticky. It's typical balm with balm texture.

   Once you try, you will love it :)!

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   Hi, friends!

   How many of you still remember this remarkable perfume?

"STEPHANIE" by Bourjois, spray - 1989

   "STEPHANIE" by Bourjois, named on the Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Very popular fragrance in the early 90-es. 

Stephanie - Princess of Monaco

   The perfume has been officially released in 1989. But little bit later - withdrawn and discounted by the designer. 

   I remember this aroma like sweet and capturing the senses with unexplained charm and magic. Once you smell it, can never forget it!

   It's fragrance with own glamour and signature - strongly individual and specific, for special women, with special character.

   As conception, can be defined like Oriental fragrance.   

   On the TOP 
                         of the aroma pyramid of this perfume, you can feel:                         
   Bergamot oilLemonMandarinRosewood

                As MIDDLE notes:            


                      As BASE:                     

AmberCastus oilPatchouliSandalTolouTonkaVanilla

   This amazing perfume was really different generation's perfume - REAL PERFUME, so strong, so illuminating... 

   I still remember, when I open the box and take the bottle - I could feel the fragrance through the glass.

   It stays whole day long - strong, alluring, but not annoying. Incredible aroma composition - very beautiful and unforgettable.

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