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10 February 2014


   Hi, friends,

   I'm so happy to tell you, that I own now the other perfume from GAP's collection - "STAY"!

  I got it as special present from my best friend for my Birthday 3 days ago and I really like it very much!

   This is one of the most brightful, fresh and the same time - soft, fragrances, which I've ever had before!

   As you can see, the bottle is same shape, but in bright light electric blue - the same as Uranus planet's color. 

   This is my favorite blue ever - the Aquarius' Blue!!! 

   The color of the flash lights!

   Lovely bottle - 100 ml, this time the glass is not matte.

   I would describe this fragrance as fresh aquatic, but slightly citrus and little bit floral scented.

  The touch of floral is so delicate, that it reveals in perfect hug with the citrus note together, since the first spraying minutes. 

   Little bit later it transforms into softly creamy oriental, but I can not call it exactly woody, as Fragrantica describes it, because it is too light and gentle, to be called woody.

  I agree with Fragrantica, with their detailed description about the other components and notes:

   "Top notes      -  lemon blossom, hortensia and freesia; 

    Middle notes -  lotus, peony and bellflower; 

  Base notes  -  woodsy notes, sandalwood, musk and amber."

  According to me, it's delicate touch of freshness, style, freedom of the senses and the spirit. 

    It's inspiring and gives feeling like after fresh shower rain.

   There is no element of powdery touch, as in its "brother" fragrance - "CLOSE".

   More about "CLOSE" you can read on my detailed review.

  I recommend this fragrance for Spring, Summer, the beginning of the Fall.

   Day wear, but also possible for night wearing in the Summer heat, because this fragrance can never be overwhelming, even no matter how much or how often you spray it on you.

      It's also suitable, if you are working in office.

   Since I got it on my Birthday, I immediately fall in love with this perfume!

  For me it really represents the amazing impression of a FRESH RAIN SCENT!

   If you like this type of fragrances, STAY if your perfume!

   Don't hesitate!

   Grab it and be happy!!!


Natalié Beauté

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