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18 January 2014

"CLOSE" by GAP - Eau de Toilette for Her

   Hi, friends!

  I found this wonderful fragrance a month ago. First I checked reviews in Internet, but I trusted more at the opinions, shared on YouTube (just few videos) and Fragrantica. It seems, CLOSE is not so popular perfume.

   And my photos ;) of the perfume:

CLOSE by GAP - Eau de toilette, 100 ml

   You can find it on the market in bottles of 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. The bottle is made from solid glass, which is wrapped with extremely thin (a sort of) foil with pearl shade and shine.

   I really like the box, which the perfume comes with. The bottle is fixed from up and down. The upper part, slides up and there is small ring on it, which holds the cap of the bottle, so it doesn't move inside the box.

   The package looks very nice, especially if you are gonna give the perfume as present.

   CLOSE is composition, created by Marypierre Julien. Unfortunately, I couldn't find more information about this perfumer except:

 1. This Nose ;), took participation in the creation of Rihanna's perfume Reb’l Fleur,

   2. and list with all perfumes, created by Marypierre Julien (including CLOSE, too).  
   The fragrance was launched in 2009 and still in production.

   Short description of the notes:

Top Notes: 

Aquatic notes, Almond blossom, Salt, Citruses 

Heart Notes: 

Freesia, Jasmine, Daphne, Stephanotis (Jasminoide), Heliotrope

Base Notes: 

Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla

   The Almond blossom, combined with the Salt and the slightly shade of Citruses, gives impression of some very fresh and picante (but NOT spicy) aroma. It is the invisible solar veil, which comes to you and into your nose and senses, with the first spraying.

   The floral heart of the perfume is gently soft and light harmony, which caresses the senses in very pleasant way.

   The base is extremely well balanced simphony between some of the most sensual ingredients - Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla. Here I must make a note about some important thing - don't think, that these four components are making this fragrance heavy. It is not heavy at all. The Amber here is not captive the nose. The musk here is leaving long lasting extremely delicate tail. The Sandal gives softness to the composition and the Vanilla adds slightly sweet shade. All of them are not overwhelming and not overloading the senses, which you can find in other perfumes, which are leading the most sensitive between us, to headache. Here, this composition is amazingly soft, light, gentle.

   This fragrance is very tender, light, soft, fresh. It's very feminine in it's own way and it's also very intim and confident. It's not a coincidence, that the name is CLOSE. It "works" in very close, intim union with your skin's aroma speech and it shares with your own natural skin scent and radiance.

   CLOSE is not sweet (despite there is slight sweet shade of Vanilla); not heavy; not sensitive musky; not powdery, but soft (despite there is slight illusion of powdery touch); not floral, but slightly floral scented; not oriental (because of the Amber and Sandal+Vanilla); not citrus, but includes notes, which gives the feeling of freshness and optimism; not soapy, but reminds of creamy touch.

   CLOSE is very well measured and balanced light perfume composition, which gives exact image, exact idea, exact vision. It's tenderly wrapping you cloud of soft light femininity + spring freshness and autumn misty weather, which is full of the organic scent of the falling leaves and sweater's softness, while you stay next to the fire place with your loved one and cat somewhere around...

   It's light perfume, which stays really close to your skin and personal radiance and it's "message" of confidence, attracts the people next to you, by provoking trust, calmness, warmth.

   It doesn't stay very long time, which I find good, because it's so capturing you, that you will be not able to wait to spray it again and again on your skin, enjoying the first fresh salty taste, which transforms unnoticeable into light floral veil and finally, reveals the captivating base of aromas in amazing way.

   I love this fragrance - my soul is singing in confidence, warmth, tenderness and softness, under the sun rises or under the falling autumn leaves, when I'm wearing it. There is some poetry inside, which can not be described, but can be only felt.

   I purchased this perfume online from TRENDYOL. This is one of the biggest and very trusted websites for online shopping in Turkey. All of their items, which they provide, are very modern, very tasteful, showing amazingly high quality of the brands and simply, they are proving, the trust into TRENDYOL's very good customer care and purchase-shipping service.

   Into the TRENDYOL's box :)

   Here you can see several photos of the bottle without the flash light of the camera, but under normal room light. It's lovely :)!

   I recommend it!

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