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17 January 2014


   Hi, friends!

   Are you searching for really long staying eyeshadow, which is really doing, what it claims to do?

   Than this recommendation is for you. I mean the gel-cream eyeshadows Color Tattoo 24hr, from the EYE STUDIO family products, by Maybelline.
   Maybelline describes their product as: "innovative pigment technology for a super-saturated colour. Smooth cream-gel formula. Up to 24hr staying power.", which is actually true.

   Here I stopped my attention on these three nice colors from my collection my Maybelline's products - 50 - Eternal Silver, 45 - Infinite White, 65 - Pink Gold

 These three colors are intense shimmering and vivid (because, the collection has also matte colors).
   Their shining effect is amazing, especially daily time, under the sun rises.
   No applicator needed for the applying process. Simply, use your finger, and tap on the eyelid with tender motions. No primer need, too. Personally, I don't use eyeshadow primer before these eyeshadows.

   Several words about the shades:
   50 - Eternal Silver - It's light silver very delicate and not highly pigmented color. It looks with slightly metallic effect.
   45 - Infinite White - Tender bright pearl white shade, which shines under the light with gentle crystal effect.  Very beautiful for highlighting, too.
   65 - Pink Gold - Beautiful pink shade, which is closer to the pale pink category of shades, rather than the true pink or bubble baby pink colors. Also, there's not gold effect - as refraction or something like that, as the name mentions. It's just shimmering as the other two, but in soft beautiful pink shade. Very good for daytime wearing.

   They give color - like pigmented transparent veil (if you can imagine that). They blend beautifully with your own individual natural skin (eyelid) color and stays really beautiful in your own individual way - in this way, they are your individual signature of your eye makeup. 

   This colors will stay in different way on every one of you, with their ability to co-operate in harmony with each one unique skin tone.

   Once applied on the eyelid, they stay. I could say, that they almost have waterproof effect. 
   For completely removing them, I prefer to use waterproof eye make up remover product (two phases product), other way, your face will be slightly shimmering after washing :).
   Here I recommend you real time review of this product, made by my favorite Beauty Guru Jillian Blant, most famous in YouTube as Jill B. As I already mentioned before in my blog, she has wonderful videos and her love to the beauty, to the estetique is very powerful,the same as me. I really like her reviews - she is always so natural, so spontaneous and talks with such inspiration and passion about every one thing. She just truly loves, what she does.
   I highly recommend you her videos, as your trusted point of reference for the products, which you want to find more information about.

   Thank you, for your interest to my Blog and articles.  Please, tell me about your experience with this product. I'll be happy to gather more information, which can be useful to everyone of us!    

   If Color Tattoo 24hr by Maybelline is your choice - ENJOY :)    

Natalié Beauté

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