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17 January 2014


   Hello, friends!

   Who doesn't want strong, shiny, healthy and beautiful hair?

  TRICHUP gives us one natural, pure, healthy, Ayurvedic solution with whole their rich palette of products.

   TRICHUP is product of VASU HEALTHCARE - company, specialized in Hair Care, based exceptionally on Ayurvedic/Herbal formulations. The company is on the market since 1980 and TRICHUP as product - 1990. It's trusted product for millions of users. More information about whole portfolio of products, you can find and even purchase here.

   This product is cocktail from potent hair vitalizing herbs, which penetrates the hair roots and follicles, and encourages the natural hair growth. It delays the graying, by stimulating hair melanin content. It provides strength of the hair follicles and its regular use, may provide long, thick and healthy black hair.

  It's enriched with Bhringraj, Amalaki, Neem, Gunja and other hair rejuvenating herbs, mixed within high quality Sesame and Coconut oil.

   The Sesame oil itself, provides the powerful hair nutrients like Vitamin A, E and skin friendly fatty acids whereas Coconut oil, which is one of the best soothing and protection to hair.

   Undoubtedly, it's very efficient product, which really works and it's proved already, being more than 20 years on the worldwide market, and enjoying the interest of the millions of its users.

  Here, I will give exact quotation of how this product actually works and what it does for your hair health:
"Salient features of Trichup Oil (Healthy, Long & Strong):

» Improves blood circulation to the scalp tissues and hair follicles

» Revitalizes hair, gives it’s natural bounce and luster

» Controls hair fall and induces fresh growth

» Prevents hair discoloration by stimulating hair melanin content thus reduces premature graying"

   Here, on this photo, you can get some imagination about the color of the oil - very dark green. It has very characteristic deep herbal smell, which for me for example is not annoying, but naturally pleasant. It is in plastic bottle - 100 ml or 200 ml, but also in glass bottles, as it's shown in the advertisement above.

   How to use it, according to the recommendations:

  Wash your hair as usual with your favorite shampoo or for better results of complex hair, use TRICHUP Healthy, Long & Strong Shampoo. Your hair must be thoroughly dried already, when you apply the oil on the roots of the hair with slowly massage motions, to ensure the penetration of the oil through the pores of the scalp and the cuticles. You can leave it on your hair several hours or whole night for much better results. You can repeat at least twice in a week.

   What are my impressions:
   1. The product really works and does for your hair, what it claims to do, very successfully!
 2. You can not get allergy or other irritation, because it doesn't contain any chemistry.
   3. The hair growth really increases and the hair is more shiny, thick and nourished.

      I recommend it!

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