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16 January 2014


   Hi, friends!

   Today I'd like to write about one most favorite product, which I love to use - Parachute Coconut Oil by Marico!

   I saw original sample of this product for first time in India and I fall in love with it - 100% NATURAL COCONUT OIL, which smells I N C R E D I B L E!!! And yummy, as fresh cookies!

   Very pure, very light, extremely skin friendly product! Pure Coconut Oil - no preservatives, no chemistry!

   The company, which produces and spread this Parachute Coconut Oil is Marico - one of the leading companies on the Indian market in the sphere of beauty and wellness, providing pure natural products. Today each 1 of 3 Indians, is using Marico product. All beauty salons in India are using this product.

   One of their most famous products as I already said is this one, which I'm gonna talk now:

   This product is available in different size of bottles. They are plastic, which makes them easy for use. Why I say that? Probably most of the people, before to start to use coconut oil, have no clear idea, that the coconut oil is hard product, which starts melting and liquify in room temperature - usually over 25-26 degree. But you can simply put the bottle in the sink, full of hot water and to wait for some time, till the oil becomes liquid.

Parachute Coconut Oil - original bottle, 500 ml
Parachute Coconut Oil - original bottle, 500 ml, back side
    This oil is pure edible and as I already mentioned above - it's extremely skin friendly!
   The people from India are using it as body lotion, as massage oil, as hair mask, as hair protection lotion - they apply on their hair and even they are sleeping with it all night long. One Indian lady even told me, that during the hottest season, she applies this coconut oil on her hair as protection against the sun rises and against drying (it nourishes) the hair, and leaves it for 3 days. No irritations, no allergy - nothing, because this is PURE, CLEAN PRODUCT!!!
   It stimulates the hair growth and gives it strength, elasticity, thickness, powerful shine - shine of healthy, nourished, vital hair!
   Also it's powerful medicine against skin problems, against dermatitis, eczema, irritations, against hair loss, dandruff and so on. It doesn't causes any side effects.

   Here I'll tell you the most simple, but very well working way, how the people in India and even in their big luxury beauty salons are using this product.
   They are warming the oil, till it becomes liquid and very warm, but not hot. Just much warmer, than the skin temperature. After they start to apply in on the roots of the hair with slow massage motions all over the scalp, to stimulate the blood circulation and the fastest assimilation of the product. After they apply the rest of the product on whole hair's length till the tips, and all over the face and the neck, on which they continue to make massage around 15-20 minutes. After they close the hair with nylon and wrap around the head hot steamed towel, to escalate the process of the action of the product. After 20 - 30 minutes of relax and aromatherapy too, they wash the hair and put hair conditioner, during the washing process. After the hair dries, the result is amazing!    So, you can do it yourself at home, as often as you want and you will have wonderful results!    

   It's available for purchase via Internet - for example here.      
   In India it's available in Ayurvedics Pharmacies and stores.    
  More information about the benefits of using Coconut Oil for your hair, you can read here.    

   In conclusion I can say very sure, that you must have this product, because it really works and it's natural and pure! It's universal!     

   Remember: The best possible results, can be achieved only with constant use and desire for that!

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