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16 January 2014


   Hello, friends!

   I'm hurry to share my next beauty note about this wonderful KERASTASE's product - Hair Mask CHROMA RICHE - for colour-treated hair!

   We all know, that KERASTASE is one of the best brands of professional hair care products and the product, which I'm writing about now, is one very good example for this.

   Everyone of us have moments, when needs some really good product and is not sure, which product to choice. We see every day on the market many and different products. Even sometimes we really feel lost in this enormous amount of products and choices. 
   There are several ways to make our choice:
   1. To use product tester - unfortunately not all of the products have available, at least not in all beauty store.
    2. To ask our hair dresser/personal beauty adviser.
   3. To search for official information on the main brands and products websites in Internet.
   4. To search information in YouTube and the beauty Blogs.
    5. To ask a friend, who may already used or is using now the current product or just to advice us what might work well - but what works well for her, may not work well for you!
   6. To read carefully the labels on the products in the stores - it's endless process during which, you may need dry food and huge amount of coffee, even to spend the night in the store, IF this time will be well enough :)...
     7. To take risk and to buy the product - very often, the result is full or sometimes overloaded with unnecessary products pantry.
KERASTASE - CHROMA RICHE - hair mask and its box :)
   In my case, I asked beauty adviser :)!
   So, here it is:
   If you are constantly using hair colour and your hair needs nourishing, refreshment, long-lasting colour shine, vivid look - I recommend you this product. (For long-lasting color, this products' collection offers hair mask CHROMA CAPTIVE, which is not subject of this article now, because I didn't use it, so I can't recommend it.)
   I am using it already more than month and I definitely can tell you, that it really works in very good way, even more, than I've expected!
  Usually, you can find this product in hair salon or via internet (this is, what my experience
shows me, till this moment).
   The product comes wrapped fabrically with nylon in luxury paper box.
   This is how it looks, when you open the cap:

  It's not sealed with logo painted stuff, but it's still well enough closed.
   When you remove this plastic cover, you see and feel the fragrance of the product (I wish, the blog could transfer to you this beautiful aroma, too):

   When you start to use it, you will notice, that the product's consistency is very thick like butter. Not hard, but thick. It reminds me exactly Dove's hair masks and not only the thickness, but also the aroma (they are very similar - after washing, the hair stays nicely fragranced).  

   Wash your hair as usually, with your favorite shampoo and apply the hair mask from the half length of your hair (or not too close to your hair roots) - depends on your hair length.
  Here I want to mention something, which is important, about APPLYING HAIR MASK:
   1. There is one universal rule  - the hair mask should be applied from the middle of the hear till the tips. Usually, this is way to avoid additional amount of oil on the hair - sometimes, can not be wash easily and stays like oil hair effect, after drying, or the product, which still stays after not properly washing, covers the roots and the pores of the scalp (the hair gets oily, the scalp can not take breath normally) and so on.
   2. But you must apply from the roots of the hair only those types of hair masks, with medical purpose - about helping the hair grow process, against dandruff, against hair loss...

   Leave it on the hair for one or two minutes, and wash it very well.    You will immediately notice the shine and the easy combing of the tips of your hair, which prevents their breaking, during the combing or styling process (if you are not over treating your hair with too much heating tools, of course)
   Leave your hair to dry naturally - without hair drier (this is the best option for the health condition of your hair).
   Here is how the box of the original product looks like after being unwrapped from the nylon - In front:    



   Aside (small description of the ingredients - the first, which is not visible because of the flash of the camera is "aqua/water"): 

   Thank you, that once again you stopped your attention to my blog and read it - I really appreciate your attention and I would be very happy, if all the information I give, can really be useful to everyone!
   If this product is your choice - enjoy it, because properly used, this mask really will give to your hair shine, reflection, vivid look.

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