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20 July 2013


   Hi, friends!

   I found this new product several weeks ago. It's part of the newest Flormar collection "Lights of Flowers" 2013.

   This mascara gives magnificent appearance of your lashes. Length, curl, volume. The color - depth.

   I can not say it's specially fragrances, but you can feel nice soft creamy scent.

   Flormar's description of this product: "A creamy texture designed for a dramatically fuller and intence lash effect."

   According to the result, this description is true!

   I like how this mascara is working and the appearance, which gives to my eyelashes. It really separates them and gives precisely definition, doesn't make clumps, doesn't stick them to each other. It stays long time - hours. How many hours, I think, this always depends on the climate and weather conditions on the place, where you are living, For example, if you are leaving on place with high humidity, then you have to use only waterproof mascara. When I was living in India, during the musson season, I needed only waterproof mascara, because you are going outside and whole the ear is wet misty cloud around you (especially night time), and after several minutes, your mascara is already dark water on your eyelashes, which leaves marks on the skin around your eyes.

   This mascara will not work for you, if you are living in such conditions.

   There is one thing to REMEMBER: EVERY PRODUCT'S EFFECT, DEPENDS ON OUR PHYSICAL INDIVIDUALITY! I mean, that one and the same product may work perfect for me, but not good for you or bad for me, but very well for you.

   It stays long time, you can easy remove it with properly make-up remover product.

   One thing, I don't like about mascaras and this one also - after you apply and it dries, during the whole day, when you touch your eyelashes, you feel them very dry as wooden sticks. Personally I don't like such effect. But if it's ok for you, than no problem.

   ENJOY your new eyelash product!

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