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24 March 2012


       Let's talk about one wonderful collection, inspired by the golden Sun over Venice and Toscana - one luxury collection,  created from raw materials and many other natural ingredients, straight from the hot heart of Italy!

       What is "Nesti Dante"

       In September 1945, at the age of twenty, Dante Nesti started making soap in his own
home with a small 50- litre cauldron. By 1947 his operation had become a reliable
firm registered with the Florence Chamber of Commerce. Today the Nesti Soap Works,
with its 70,000 and 120,000-litre cauldrons, is one of the major plants in Europe for the
production of soap by the classical cauldron method. The factory management is proudly directed by the son Roberto and his wife that, since 40 years with the help of his family had pursued a balance between innovation and tradition.

“We shall always work to be the best not the biggest!”

   Nowadays, we can enjoy their incredible  collections of unique, natural, fine flavored soaps!

Vegetable Soap with 24 Gold Leaf Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Sixty years ago, the young Dante boiled his first small soap cauldron in Florence. To celebrate this milestone, Nesti Dante created a precious natural soap prepared with 24 carat gold leaves in honour of Dante’s early achievements. Gold, an iconic material, famous since the beginning of time as a symbol of longevity and balance, is the perfect homage to our noble heritage and rich culture. This new standard of beauty is further enriched with the intense powdery scent of Noble Iris, the flower symbol of Florence. Limited edition.

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       Every hour of the day tells it’s own story, a story that is without time or place, a story told in a universal language linked by the common thread of a special soap.

       VII Morning (Crystallized Clementine and Ocean Waves);
       XII Night (Tiarè Buds and Royal Bouganvilla);
       XV Afternoon (Dafne Rose And Iced Watermelon).

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       The magic of flowers evokes the most unforgettable moments in our lives; the symphony of floral notes creates pure and emotive fragrant sensations.

       Florentine Rose & Peony;
       Tuscan Wisteria & Lilac;
       Royal Lily & Narcissus;
       Noble Cherry Blossom & Basil;
       Wild Tuscan Lavender&Verbena;
       Fiesole Gillyflower&Fuchsia

Vegetable Bar Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Love at first sight for passionate connoisseurs. Natural soaps made with love and care and inspired by the enchanting scents of Tuscany.

       The Golden Countryside (nourishing);
       Villages and Monasteries (relaxing);
       Enchanting Forest (re-oxygenating);
       Mediterannean Touch (invigorating);
       Blooming Gardens (intoxicating);
       Thermal Water (therapeutic)

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       The Dolce Vivere line is a tribute to italian beauty and life-style. It creates the feeling of being in one of its most enchanting places, by evoking nostalgic and romantic situations and experiences, which stimulate the senses.

       Capri with fragrance of Orange Blossom,
       Frosted Mandarine & Basil (Energizing) Portofino with Fragrance Flax;
       Water Rose & Marine Lily (Sensual) Sardegna with Fragrance of Myrtle Nectar Lentiscus and Helycrisum Shrub (Wild) Venezia With Fragrance of Red Geranium;
       Rice Cloud & Cotton Flower (Romantic);
       Roma (Oleander in Bloom, Muscat and Fig);
       Firenze (Blue Iris, Morning Dew and Laurel)

Extra Fine Vegetable Bar Soaps Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       An aromatic journey through the natural fragrances of the Florentine hills to enrich the body and soul.
       Iris (sensual);
       Poppy (intoxicating);
       Broom (passionate);
       Tuscan Lavender (relaxing);
       Cypress (regenerating);
       Sweet Violet (romantic)

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       Our love for nature’s beauty is revealed in these natural soaps. Six soaps rich with active ingredients tone and nourish your skin, leaving it smooth and silky with a luminous glow.

       Cream with cream and pearl extract (nourishing and illuminating);
       Breeze with chlorofyll and bamboo extract (refreshing and relaxing);
       Scrub with walnut granules (exfoliating and balancing);
       Lift with Bach Flower and vitamin A+E (restoring and purifying);
       Detox with Azulene and oligoelements;
       Collagen with vegetal collagen & ginseng (smoothing and regenerating)

Vegetable Bar Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Beautiful formulations inspired by nature and enriched with vegetal extracts that the skin loves and assimilates.

       Artichoke (revitalizing and energizing);
       Carrot (toning and rejuvenating);
       Cucumber (nourishing and moisturizing);
       Lettuce (refreshing and regenerating);
       Tomato (soothing and balancing);
       Pumpkin (softening)

Vegetable Bar Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Extra fine vegetable soap developed in the sun of a beautiful Florentine orchard:
       Fig and Almond Milk (moisturizing and soothing);
       Citrus and Bergamot (energizing and refreshing);

       Pomegranante and Blackcurrant (nourishing and toning);
       Red Grapes and Blueberry (nourishing and illuminating);
       Peach and Melon (sweetening and toning);
       Olive Oil and Tangerine ( moisturizing and nourishing)

Vegetable Soap Bar Net WT 7 Oz 

       Natural soaps enriched with the healing energy of pharmaceutical herbs to give bathing
extra therapeutic benefits.
       Calla Lily and Rosemary (velvety and toning);
       Sunflower and Saffron (nourishing - moisturizing);
       Strawberry tree and Sage (revitalizing and refreshing);
       Camelia and Cinnamon (purifying and softening);
       Ivy and Clove (therapeutic - relaxing);
       Hydrangea and Rhubarb (toning and energizing)

Vegetable Soap 5.3 Oz 

       Lavanda (Lavender), a truly exceptional plant from the Mediterranean flora. A very pleasant and stimulating scent with invigorating, refreshing and soothing properties.
       Three variants:
       Lavanda Blu del Mediterraneo A unique scent with a delicate accent , prominent amongst the aromas of the Mediterranean countryside (relaxing );
       Lavanda Rosa del Chianti a sparkling and almost mystical fragrance note, with a base of rose bouquet (nourishing);
       Lavanda Officinale the essence of lavender officinalis is a fresh fragrance that is both dreamy and intense (regenerating)

Vegetable Soap 5.3 Oz 

       Amorino, symbol of love and joy of life, nurtures your skin with its delicate foam for a feeling of pure relaxation and tranquillity.

       Lily Charm (joy);
       Water Dream (purity);
       Rose Bouquet (love)

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       A triumphant fusion of botanical fragrances that are beautiful individually but breathtaking when combined. Diverse and seductive aromas that will captivate the senses. Mother Nature gives life to this triumphant fusion of opposites for fragrance that are beautiful alone, yet breathtaking when paired together. An aroma that will captivate your senses with its seductive diversity.
       White Tiger with fragrance of Hibiscus, Baobab Milk & Freesia;
       Bronze Leopard with fragrance Myrr, Ginger Tea & Patchouli;
       Red Python with fragrance of Wild Orchid, Red Tea & Tiarè

Delicate Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       A wonderfully soft and pampered way to enjoy that first bath time experience. A neutral
soap created with eudermic oils, enriched with honey, calendula extract and sweet almond

Il Purissimo 5,3 Oz 

       Vegetable soap, exceptionally gentle, colorant and fragrance free: simple and 100% pure.

Offers natural hydration and protection, which makes it ideal for the most sensitive of skins.
A real bath-time treat.

Vegetable Soap Bar 5.3 Oz 

       Enchanting fragrances make the Deliziose soaps a daily treat.

       I ALREADY DID!...

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23 March 2012


       Hello, Friends! I am very much inspired to write about one new product, which I found first time two months ago in "Watson" store - KOHL POWDER by "Sheida"!...
       The product is represented in appearance , close to the original tradition (through the ages), than any other product of this kind on the market! I mean, it is powder in very beautiful small decorative bottle with applicator inside! Once, when you see it, you will fell in love with it!

Powder Kohl by Sheida

       In historical aspect the Kohl is known as a cosmetic, it was first used for its medicinal properties. The ancient Egyptians used it as eye drops to prevent and relieve eye infections, but also protect the eyes from strong refraction of light that is emitted by the desert sand.

       Soon, the Pharaohs and their subjects were conquered by the depth and mystery that gave kohl to their eyes, so that women and men used the black powder for cosmetics.
       Over the centuries, kohl has continued to be used by the Arabs - well, so that today some men - mostly pilgrims - even wear makeup eyes with kohl.

       Kohl East is the source of kohl pencils.

       Kohl is the ultimate makeup of the Berber woman and orientale. Le Kohl is a very fine mineral powder obtained after grinding of antimony sulfide (ore mined mountainous rocks).
       Kohl can be black or gray depending on the mixtures. The colors vary from gray to blue gray green. Once installed it becomes black. It protects the eyes of aggression (dust, light, wind) and is held above the kohl pencils and fat.


       Traditionally, kohl applied using a thin wooden stick called "mirwed". After soaking the stick into kohl powder, put it in the inner corner of eye on the edge of the lower eyelid and eye closed, highlight the line stretching well. Note that the appearance of tears, the first time is quite normal, because due to the cleaning of the eyeball.

       The usual and regular practice of laying kohl will permanently settle this problem.
Kohl is compatible with lens wear. His dress is longer that a conventional pencil.

       In addition to being a cosmetic product, kohl has cleansing properties.

       If you have sore eyes due to wind or sun, you do not wear glasses, kohl make you great service (to avoid style). It is the ultimate makeup of the Oriental woman and gives a look of deep and mysterious.

       There are a lot of natural ingredients inside the kohl powder. The best mixture of kohl is the compound of antimony + sulfur + zinc. Antimonite (Sb2S3) is the most important antimony ore. It is also found with pyrite, cinnabar, zinc, gold, silver, galena and arsenic together. The compound of antimonite + zinc is the kohl which is called as ismid stone and it is the most useful one for the eye. Also, it contains Vitamin A = Retinol.
     Vitamin A is very significant in adjusting the luminous sensitivity. (5) Vitamin A is necessary for the formation of the melanocyte pigment in the visual acuity. Zinc helps the photosensitive pigment, which boosts the vitamin A, be formed. The melanocyte pigment is very important for the visual acuity. Vitamin A is necessary for the formation of the visual pigments. The pigment layer stores vitamin A with zinc. 

       Zinc reaches to the retina and choroid layer through the blood. and applied this way - can helps to the patients who have zinc deficiency in their bodies (it cause hair loss and hair weakness, unhealthy thin hair). 

     Some benefits of the contained Ismid* stone, which is recommended to be put on especially before going to the bed, are:
  • Kohl lusters the eye and helps the eye see clearly.
  • It strengthens the optic nerves.
  • Kohl absorbs the tear and purulence in the eye and eliminates the crust round the eyes.
  • It thickens the eyelashes and makes them grow.
  • It supports the eye veins in especially the elders and children.
  • It treats the headache when it is applied with thin liquid honey together.
  • The kohl stone which contains a little musk is the best one for especially the elders and people who have weak eyes.
  • As the main substance of the kohl is “antimony”, it blackens the eyelashes.
  • As the kohl is black, it keeps the heat rays coming from the sun, because it is mentioned that if the heat rays spread into the eyes very much, the lens and retina in the eye are damaged. (Source by "Sheida")

       * Ismid is the kohl stone. It is black-colored and tends to red. It is mentioned that the best one is found in Esfahan. It easily breaks into pieces and it is a bright stone. When it is clean, it is white & silver colored.

       Place the applicator on the inner side of the eye horizontally.

       Close your eye and slide it through your eyelid a few times.
       In order to create an effective look, repeat the same procedure a few times.
       In each time, put the applicator into the bottle thoroughly and make it absorb the product.
       There are no harming effects if during the application the Kohl powder gets into the eye. (Sheida kohl is a hypoallergenic product that has the common kohl characteristics and it is offered to you in an antibacterial packaging.)

       It can be applied on both the inner and outer side of the eyelashes. You can have more effective looks by applying it around the whole eye in a certain line.


       In conclusion:

      Kohl powder has been a product which has been used by both women and men since the ancient times. Some characteristics of the Kohl powder reported by various scientists are listed here below:
  • It protects the eyes from harmful UV sunrays by reducing the reflection.
  • Kohl powder lubricates the eyes and support them to see clearly by preventing the eye dryness.
  • It protects the eye from allergic infections.
  • It has been used for years as it strengthens the eye, enhances the eyesight and lubrıcates the eye.

      "Sheida" kohl not only makes your Make-up perfect, but also protects your eye function.                                                                                         

Kohl powder by Sheida - 10 different colors

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22 March 2012


Valentino - Valentina

       This bottle alone was enough justification for us to splurge on the gorgeous scent — I mean, look at it! Inside that fashionable flacon is a scent that's equally as chic, thanks to bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, cedar, and truffle. It's unique, unconventional, and all-around amazing, just like the rebellious woman it was inspired by. 

Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

Estée Lauder - Bronze Goddess Capri Eau Fraiche Scent

       Spring may have officially just begun, but we're already looking forward to summer and all the sun-soaked, lazy days that will come with it. We've got a few months to go until we'll be frolicking by the beach, but you can get in the right state of mind right now, with this sunny scent — it features cassis, mandarin, lemon leaves, jasmine sambac, vanillla, and amber wood.   

Photo: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

Flora By Gucci - Gorgeous Gardenia

       The new Flora Garden quintet of fragrances from Gucci answers the question of what a garden tended by the illustrious fashion house would smell like. Not surprisingly, the answer is impossibly chic and unapologetically feminine. Gorgeous Gardenia is our favorite of the five, thanks in part to its heady mix of plush gardenia petals, patchouli, and brown sugar.  

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

    We were fully prepared to be all whatever about this celebrity fragrance, but, like the Material Girl herself, it took us by surprise. The unexpectedly sophisticated scent features notes of gardenia, tuberose, neroli, jasmine, white lily, carmelized amber, and vanilla absolute. The end result is a warm, powdery floral that is feminine without being too sweet.

       "I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me, but that other people could relate to as well," says Madonna. "My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume. She always smelled like gardenias and tuberose. An intoxicating mixture, feminine and mysterious."

Photo: Via Macy's

Victoria's Secret - Very Sexy Touch
       Sexy doesn't have to mean brash: This sultry scent uses iris, apricot, and amber wood to captivate the senses, but it's a more polished, less overt style of seduction than its predecessor.  
Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Givenchy - Very Irrésistable Electric Rose

       This update to the classic Very Irrésistible scent features notes of blueberry, lemon zest, anise rose, green violet, and cedar wood. If that doesn't get your attention, then the promotional campaign for the scent, in which brand spokesmodel and muse Liv Tyler sings a remixed version of INXS' "Need You Tonight," definitely will.  

Photo: Via Givenchy

Michael Kors - Suede

       “Suede is sporty and sexy and feels incredible on the skin, but it can also add a great unexpected twist when you’re thinking of what’s luxurious," says Kors. Like its namesake fabric, this lush scent is refined, yet inviting, thanks to a blend of tuberose, lily of the valley, michelia flower, mandarin, some creamy woods, and musk.  
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Kors

L'Eau d'Issey

       Issey Miyake is launching two well known editions decorated with green leaves, which celebrate and announce summer. Bluish shades of glass flacon are embellished with large green leaves embracing it and wrapping the bottom part of the bottle and outer cartons. This dynamic and refreshing game of colors represents perfectly the game of aromas offered to us by this composition unselfishly.

       Inspiration for the new editions is desert, palms and tranquility. Peaceful regions, full of exotics and warmth will mark the new fragrant duo by Issey Miyake.

       Aquatic notes abound in freshness and energy, are in harmony with flowers, aromatic herbs, citruses, spices, wood and amber.
       Women's edition L'Eau d'Issey Pour Femme Eau de Toillete Pour L'Ete 2012 carries its characteristic floral-aquatic story with accentuated fruity-juicy and aquatic accords of pear surrounded with delicate roses. The bottle retains the shape of previous edition and is decorated with new spring and vibrant details.
Available as 100ml edt.  

Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue pour Homme 

       Dolce & Gabbana launched the famous Light Blue fragrance in 2001, followed by the men's version Light Blue pour Homme six years later. In 2012, this house presented two new editions inspired by the fantastic Mediterranean locations – coastal village Portofino and volcanic island of Stromboli. The new versions are named Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino (for women) and Light Blue Living Stromboli (for men).
       Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino begins with fresh litchi accord and ambrette seed that lead to the rich floral heart of creamy iris and intense osmanthus. Notes of amber, patchouli and musk leave a velvety trail in the perfume’s base.
Available as 50 ml EDT.    

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Oriflame - couples toiletry bag

       Every woman needs cosmetic bag, for her personal belongings. It should be perfect for her needs size.
     What about she needs such bag for travelling? The bag should not be small, but also should not be big! Must be comfortable size for the baggage. Oriflame gives ideal solution of the problem with their product "Couples toiletry bag" (Code:24677 ).
     At first look, it looks like bag or mini suitcase, but it is not! It opens from the front side and expands in whole length, revealing four mini bags (transparent sections) with zips. Four sections for four different type of products or whatever you like!
     Style, elegance, comfort, functionality, mobility - everything, what the modern woman needs from! If you need cosmetic bag for travelling - THIS is your right choice!

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       In India, Kajal is a form of eye makeup, which has been in vogue since the ancient times. It's the womenfolk of India who mostly apply kohl to darken their lower eyelid. However, it is also applied in case of children's and earlier, even the Indian men used to wear kajal. Kajal accrues the word Kohl, which is also at times spelt as Kol, Kehal or Kohal. Traditionally, it was prepared at home by females, as protection against eye ailments.

       However, today, it is easily available in almost all the shops. Infact, the concept of applying Kajal has become more of a fashion trend in urban India in the recent times. Those people who prepare Kajal at home make it out of soot and other ingredients. In old times, people believed that kajal or Kohl provided relief from the sun's glare. Another perception pertaining Kajal was that it wards off bad luck or vibes.
       As such, many women even today apply the Kajal as a small dot on the forehead of their toddlers as well as in their eyes. It is also applied at the nape of a child's neck, where it is not visible. Some people believe this will strengthen the child's eyesight. Applying Kajal is a strong tradition practiced by inhabitants of almost all the regions in India.

Method of preparing Kajal at home

       Kajal preparation begins with dipping a clean, white, thin muslin cloth about four by four inches square in a sandalwood paste. The cloth is then dried in shade. After the sun is down, a wick is made out of the cloth and then used to light a mud lamp filled with castor oil. A brass vessel is positioned over the fire, leaving enough gap for the oxygen to aid the burning of the lamp. This is left burning overnight. Next morning, one or two drops of pure ghee or castor oil is added to the soot on the brass vessel and stored it in a clean dry box.

Kajal/Kohl Eye Make Up
       Eyes are one of the most alluring and noticeable features, using Kohl/Kajal eyeliner helps define them. Various colour options means Kohl/Kajal can be used lightly for a daytime look and more intensely for an evening look. Use brown for a subtle daytime look or a more natural look.

       The use of Kohl on eyes by women and men is thought to originate from ancient Egypt, being applied generously and often extending outwards from the corner of each eye.

       Kajal was traditionally made in South Asia by women in their homes. A mixture of soot from an oil lamp and pure castor oil would product pure Kajal. The castor oil gave provided a cooling effect to eyes. Kajal powder was applied with fingers or a thin wood, bone silver or ivory applicator. The applicator would be dipped in water, rosewater or olive oil before dipping into Kajal pot. Other names for Kajal include Al-kahl, Surma and Anjur.

       Application method today is simpler and can be carried in your bag for re-application.

Kajal by "Husain" (India)
    ...This one I bought from one Ayurveda Pharmacy in Sarojini Nagar (Sarojini Market) in New Delhi, India! It's really natural - smells like natural oils! It's also medicine!...

Kajal (Oriflame)
       ...This one I bought from Oriflame this Summer! It doesn't smell like the other, which I bought from Delhi, but really - once applied, stays whole day in the eye, without any black to go out and to spread around as messy spots! So, if it's easy for you - because Oriflame is almost everywhere nowadays, order this one without to hesitate!...

Kajal (Flormar)
       ...Newest known Kajal product by Flormar! Carbon black for amazing eye impression and contrast! Light texture!  This one I bought approximately one month ago from Turkey - it just had been launched on the market soon!...
Effect - speaking eyes!...


       Q: I love to wear kajal but my problem is that when i wear kajal by afternoon it spreads all over and makes my eyes look dark.

       A: Try using an kohl eye pencil instead of kajal. If you don't want to switch, first apply compact powder under your eyes, dust out the excess powder, and then apply the kajal. The kajal should not spread. You could also try applying kajal to your eyes at night, and then wiping out the excess in the morning when you wake up. What is left in the eyes doesn't leak out.

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Coral red lipstick

    ...The Spring is already here!
We need to refresh our appearance with bright opened colors?
Well, let's see!...

       This color of lipstick makes your face more glowing and fresh looking, than the other. It's actual Winter, it's actual Summer time – all seasons, but the contrast between these two seasons, divides on two main lines. 

       Winter time, the coral red lipstick is challenge to the characteristics of the season – when everything is almost white, the sky is not so friendly bright as Summer time and the days are shorten than the nights. That time, we need fresh color accents in order to renew and refresh our daily color specter and even like safety board against depression and other bad influences, which could be harmful in one or other meaning. 

       Summer time – bright blue sky, fresh green grass, navy blue sea, golden sands, golden or bronze tan on our bodies – the best „background“ for this vivid color! Do not hesitate – wear it as lipstick, as lips gloss, as rouge, as nail polish... Be enough dare to wear also coral red clothes and accessories – bag, bracelets, pareo, hair band, shoes, mobile phone protection cases – whatever it is, wherever it is!...

         Usually we can divide this so called „coral“ lipstick on two shades:

         1. Typical Coral red – mixture between fresh opened red and orange;

         2. Soft Coral red – combination between opened red and little pink;

       Notice: If in some moment you do not have Coral red lipstick, but you need this effect, you can apply red lipstick, covered with orange gloss!


         Here, you can see some recommendations for coral red lipsticks:

OriflameGiordani Gold Ruby Lipstick – Tempting Coral (Code:21698) 

         Amazing shade, mostly closer to the orange color. Half creamy, with glowing ingredients.
       Very soft color, composition between opened red and pink. Very nice shade! Also, the texture is soft, creamy, matte with pleasurable aroma. Easy to apply, easy to remove.

Oriflame - Beauty Wonder Colour Lipstick - Coral Wave (Code:22536)

Oriflame Beauty Cherry Garden Lipstick - Soft Coral 

       More redish, with orange shade. The nail polish from this collection is lovely color – same opened soft, but opened shade, as the Beauty Wonder Colour Lipstick - Coral Wave

Oriflame - Beauty Powershine Lip Gloss - Soft Coral (Code:22633) 

       If you prefer gloss with glamour shine, especially under the sunrises, this is your choice. Soft Coral red shade, with nice texture and color shade.

Oriflame - Silky Kiss Lipstick - Coral Crepe Blood Red Beauty

       Between opened red amd mostly golden orange – one very Summer shade, especially compared with your already bronze tanned skin!

Coral Red Lipstick First type - Opened red with orange  (Source: Web)

Soft Coral red Second Type – combination between opened red and little pink

...Which one is your coral red lipstick?...

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