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23 March 2012


       Hello, Friends! I am very much inspired to write about one new product, which I found first time two months ago in "Watson" store - KOHL POWDER by "Sheida"!...
       The product is represented in appearance , close to the original tradition (through the ages), than any other product of this kind on the market! I mean, it is powder in very beautiful small decorative bottle with applicator inside! Once, when you see it, you will fell in love with it!

Powder Kohl by Sheida

       In historical aspect the Kohl is known as a cosmetic, it was first used for its medicinal properties. The ancient Egyptians used it as eye drops to prevent and relieve eye infections, but also protect the eyes from strong refraction of light that is emitted by the desert sand.

       Soon, the Pharaohs and their subjects were conquered by the depth and mystery that gave kohl to their eyes, so that women and men used the black powder for cosmetics.
       Over the centuries, kohl has continued to be used by the Arabs - well, so that today some men - mostly pilgrims - even wear makeup eyes with kohl.

       Kohl East is the source of kohl pencils.

       Kohl is the ultimate makeup of the Berber woman and orientale. Le Kohl is a very fine mineral powder obtained after grinding of antimony sulfide (ore mined mountainous rocks).
       Kohl can be black or gray depending on the mixtures. The colors vary from gray to blue gray green. Once installed it becomes black. It protects the eyes of aggression (dust, light, wind) and is held above the kohl pencils and fat.


       Traditionally, kohl applied using a thin wooden stick called "mirwed". After soaking the stick into kohl powder, put it in the inner corner of eye on the edge of the lower eyelid and eye closed, highlight the line stretching well. Note that the appearance of tears, the first time is quite normal, because due to the cleaning of the eyeball.

       The usual and regular practice of laying kohl will permanently settle this problem.
Kohl is compatible with lens wear. His dress is longer that a conventional pencil.

       In addition to being a cosmetic product, kohl has cleansing properties.

       If you have sore eyes due to wind or sun, you do not wear glasses, kohl make you great service (to avoid style). It is the ultimate makeup of the Oriental woman and gives a look of deep and mysterious.

       There are a lot of natural ingredients inside the kohl powder. The best mixture of kohl is the compound of antimony + sulfur + zinc. Antimonite (Sb2S3) is the most important antimony ore. It is also found with pyrite, cinnabar, zinc, gold, silver, galena and arsenic together. The compound of antimonite + zinc is the kohl which is called as ismid stone and it is the most useful one for the eye. Also, it contains Vitamin A = Retinol.
     Vitamin A is very significant in adjusting the luminous sensitivity. (5) Vitamin A is necessary for the formation of the melanocyte pigment in the visual acuity. Zinc helps the photosensitive pigment, which boosts the vitamin A, be formed. The melanocyte pigment is very important for the visual acuity. Vitamin A is necessary for the formation of the visual pigments. The pigment layer stores vitamin A with zinc. 

       Zinc reaches to the retina and choroid layer through the blood. and applied this way - can helps to the patients who have zinc deficiency in their bodies (it cause hair loss and hair weakness, unhealthy thin hair). 

     Some benefits of the contained Ismid* stone, which is recommended to be put on especially before going to the bed, are:
  • Kohl lusters the eye and helps the eye see clearly.
  • It strengthens the optic nerves.
  • Kohl absorbs the tear and purulence in the eye and eliminates the crust round the eyes.
  • It thickens the eyelashes and makes them grow.
  • It supports the eye veins in especially the elders and children.
  • It treats the headache when it is applied with thin liquid honey together.
  • The kohl stone which contains a little musk is the best one for especially the elders and people who have weak eyes.
  • As the main substance of the kohl is “antimony”, it blackens the eyelashes.
  • As the kohl is black, it keeps the heat rays coming from the sun, because it is mentioned that if the heat rays spread into the eyes very much, the lens and retina in the eye are damaged. (Source by "Sheida")

       * Ismid is the kohl stone. It is black-colored and tends to red. It is mentioned that the best one is found in Esfahan. It easily breaks into pieces and it is a bright stone. When it is clean, it is white & silver colored.

       Place the applicator on the inner side of the eye horizontally.

       Close your eye and slide it through your eyelid a few times.
       In order to create an effective look, repeat the same procedure a few times.
       In each time, put the applicator into the bottle thoroughly and make it absorb the product.
       There are no harming effects if during the application the Kohl powder gets into the eye. (Sheida kohl is a hypoallergenic product that has the common kohl characteristics and it is offered to you in an antibacterial packaging.)

       It can be applied on both the inner and outer side of the eyelashes. You can have more effective looks by applying it around the whole eye in a certain line.


       In conclusion:

      Kohl powder has been a product which has been used by both women and men since the ancient times. Some characteristics of the Kohl powder reported by various scientists are listed here below:
  • It protects the eyes from harmful UV sunrays by reducing the reflection.
  • Kohl powder lubricates the eyes and support them to see clearly by preventing the eye dryness.
  • It protects the eye from allergic infections.
  • It has been used for years as it strengthens the eye, enhances the eyesight and lubrıcates the eye.

      "Sheida" kohl not only makes your Make-up perfect, but also protects your eye function.                                                                                         

Kohl powder by Sheida - 10 different colors

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