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24 March 2012


       Let's talk about one wonderful collection, inspired by the golden Sun over Venice and Toscana - one luxury collection,  created from raw materials and many other natural ingredients, straight from the hot heart of Italy!

       What is "Nesti Dante"

       In September 1945, at the age of twenty, Dante Nesti started making soap in his own
home with a small 50- litre cauldron. By 1947 his operation had become a reliable
firm registered with the Florence Chamber of Commerce. Today the Nesti Soap Works,
with its 70,000 and 120,000-litre cauldrons, is one of the major plants in Europe for the
production of soap by the classical cauldron method. The factory management is proudly directed by the son Roberto and his wife that, since 40 years with the help of his family had pursued a balance between innovation and tradition.

“We shall always work to be the best not the biggest!”

   Nowadays, we can enjoy their incredible  collections of unique, natural, fine flavored soaps!

Vegetable Soap with 24 Gold Leaf Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Sixty years ago, the young Dante boiled his first small soap cauldron in Florence. To celebrate this milestone, Nesti Dante created a precious natural soap prepared with 24 carat gold leaves in honour of Dante’s early achievements. Gold, an iconic material, famous since the beginning of time as a symbol of longevity and balance, is the perfect homage to our noble heritage and rich culture. This new standard of beauty is further enriched with the intense powdery scent of Noble Iris, the flower symbol of Florence. Limited edition.

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       Every hour of the day tells it’s own story, a story that is without time or place, a story told in a universal language linked by the common thread of a special soap.

       VII Morning (Crystallized Clementine and Ocean Waves);
       XII Night (Tiarè Buds and Royal Bouganvilla);
       XV Afternoon (Dafne Rose And Iced Watermelon).

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       The magic of flowers evokes the most unforgettable moments in our lives; the symphony of floral notes creates pure and emotive fragrant sensations.

       Florentine Rose & Peony;
       Tuscan Wisteria & Lilac;
       Royal Lily & Narcissus;
       Noble Cherry Blossom & Basil;
       Wild Tuscan Lavender&Verbena;
       Fiesole Gillyflower&Fuchsia

Vegetable Bar Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Love at first sight for passionate connoisseurs. Natural soaps made with love and care and inspired by the enchanting scents of Tuscany.

       The Golden Countryside (nourishing);
       Villages and Monasteries (relaxing);
       Enchanting Forest (re-oxygenating);
       Mediterannean Touch (invigorating);
       Blooming Gardens (intoxicating);
       Thermal Water (therapeutic)

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       The Dolce Vivere line is a tribute to italian beauty and life-style. It creates the feeling of being in one of its most enchanting places, by evoking nostalgic and romantic situations and experiences, which stimulate the senses.

       Capri with fragrance of Orange Blossom,
       Frosted Mandarine & Basil (Energizing) Portofino with Fragrance Flax;
       Water Rose & Marine Lily (Sensual) Sardegna with Fragrance of Myrtle Nectar Lentiscus and Helycrisum Shrub (Wild) Venezia With Fragrance of Red Geranium;
       Rice Cloud & Cotton Flower (Romantic);
       Roma (Oleander in Bloom, Muscat and Fig);
       Firenze (Blue Iris, Morning Dew and Laurel)

Extra Fine Vegetable Bar Soaps Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       An aromatic journey through the natural fragrances of the Florentine hills to enrich the body and soul.
       Iris (sensual);
       Poppy (intoxicating);
       Broom (passionate);
       Tuscan Lavender (relaxing);
       Cypress (regenerating);
       Sweet Violet (romantic)

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       Our love for nature’s beauty is revealed in these natural soaps. Six soaps rich with active ingredients tone and nourish your skin, leaving it smooth and silky with a luminous glow.

       Cream with cream and pearl extract (nourishing and illuminating);
       Breeze with chlorofyll and bamboo extract (refreshing and relaxing);
       Scrub with walnut granules (exfoliating and balancing);
       Lift with Bach Flower and vitamin A+E (restoring and purifying);
       Detox with Azulene and oligoelements;
       Collagen with vegetal collagen & ginseng (smoothing and regenerating)

Vegetable Bar Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Beautiful formulations inspired by nature and enriched with vegetal extracts that the skin loves and assimilates.

       Artichoke (revitalizing and energizing);
       Carrot (toning and rejuvenating);
       Cucumber (nourishing and moisturizing);
       Lettuce (refreshing and regenerating);
       Tomato (soothing and balancing);
       Pumpkin (softening)

Vegetable Bar Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       Extra fine vegetable soap developed in the sun of a beautiful Florentine orchard:
       Fig and Almond Milk (moisturizing and soothing);
       Citrus and Bergamot (energizing and refreshing);

       Pomegranante and Blackcurrant (nourishing and toning);
       Red Grapes and Blueberry (nourishing and illuminating);
       Peach and Melon (sweetening and toning);
       Olive Oil and Tangerine ( moisturizing and nourishing)

Vegetable Soap Bar Net WT 7 Oz 

       Natural soaps enriched with the healing energy of pharmaceutical herbs to give bathing
extra therapeutic benefits.
       Calla Lily and Rosemary (velvety and toning);
       Sunflower and Saffron (nourishing - moisturizing);
       Strawberry tree and Sage (revitalizing and refreshing);
       Camelia and Cinnamon (purifying and softening);
       Ivy and Clove (therapeutic - relaxing);
       Hydrangea and Rhubarb (toning and energizing)

Vegetable Soap 5.3 Oz 

       Lavanda (Lavender), a truly exceptional plant from the Mediterranean flora. A very pleasant and stimulating scent with invigorating, refreshing and soothing properties.
       Three variants:
       Lavanda Blu del Mediterraneo A unique scent with a delicate accent , prominent amongst the aromas of the Mediterranean countryside (relaxing );
       Lavanda Rosa del Chianti a sparkling and almost mystical fragrance note, with a base of rose bouquet (nourishing);
       Lavanda Officinale the essence of lavender officinalis is a fresh fragrance that is both dreamy and intense (regenerating)

Vegetable Soap 5.3 Oz 

       Amorino, symbol of love and joy of life, nurtures your skin with its delicate foam for a feeling of pure relaxation and tranquillity.

       Lily Charm (joy);
       Water Dream (purity);
       Rose Bouquet (love)

Vegetable Soap Bar 8.8 Oz 

       A triumphant fusion of botanical fragrances that are beautiful individually but breathtaking when combined. Diverse and seductive aromas that will captivate the senses. Mother Nature gives life to this triumphant fusion of opposites for fragrance that are beautiful alone, yet breathtaking when paired together. An aroma that will captivate your senses with its seductive diversity.
       White Tiger with fragrance of Hibiscus, Baobab Milk & Freesia;
       Bronze Leopard with fragrance Myrr, Ginger Tea & Patchouli;
       Red Python with fragrance of Wild Orchid, Red Tea & Tiarè

Delicate Soap Net WT 8.8 Oz 

       A wonderfully soft and pampered way to enjoy that first bath time experience. A neutral
soap created with eudermic oils, enriched with honey, calendula extract and sweet almond

Il Purissimo 5,3 Oz 

       Vegetable soap, exceptionally gentle, colorant and fragrance free: simple and 100% pure.

Offers natural hydration and protection, which makes it ideal for the most sensitive of skins.
A real bath-time treat.

Vegetable Soap Bar 5.3 Oz 

       Enchanting fragrances make the Deliziose soaps a daily treat.

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