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22 March 2012


Oriflame - couples toiletry bag

       Every woman needs cosmetic bag, for her personal belongings. It should be perfect for her needs size.
     What about she needs such bag for travelling? The bag should not be small, but also should not be big! Must be comfortable size for the baggage. Oriflame gives ideal solution of the problem with their product "Couples toiletry bag" (Code:24677 ).
     At first look, it looks like bag or mini suitcase, but it is not! It opens from the front side and expands in whole length, revealing four mini bags (transparent sections) with zips. Four sections for four different type of products or whatever you like!
     Style, elegance, comfort, functionality, mobility - everything, what the modern woman needs from! If you need cosmetic bag for travelling - THIS is your right choice!

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