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22 March 2012


Coral red lipstick

    ...The Spring is already here!
We need to refresh our appearance with bright opened colors?
Well, let's see!...

       This color of lipstick makes your face more glowing and fresh looking, than the other. It's actual Winter, it's actual Summer time – all seasons, but the contrast between these two seasons, divides on two main lines. 

       Winter time, the coral red lipstick is challenge to the characteristics of the season – when everything is almost white, the sky is not so friendly bright as Summer time and the days are shorten than the nights. That time, we need fresh color accents in order to renew and refresh our daily color specter and even like safety board against depression and other bad influences, which could be harmful in one or other meaning. 

       Summer time – bright blue sky, fresh green grass, navy blue sea, golden sands, golden or bronze tan on our bodies – the best „background“ for this vivid color! Do not hesitate – wear it as lipstick, as lips gloss, as rouge, as nail polish... Be enough dare to wear also coral red clothes and accessories – bag, bracelets, pareo, hair band, shoes, mobile phone protection cases – whatever it is, wherever it is!...

         Usually we can divide this so called „coral“ lipstick on two shades:

         1. Typical Coral red – mixture between fresh opened red and orange;

         2. Soft Coral red – combination between opened red and little pink;

       Notice: If in some moment you do not have Coral red lipstick, but you need this effect, you can apply red lipstick, covered with orange gloss!


         Here, you can see some recommendations for coral red lipsticks:

OriflameGiordani Gold Ruby Lipstick – Tempting Coral (Code:21698) 

         Amazing shade, mostly closer to the orange color. Half creamy, with glowing ingredients.
       Very soft color, composition between opened red and pink. Very nice shade! Also, the texture is soft, creamy, matte with pleasurable aroma. Easy to apply, easy to remove.

Oriflame - Beauty Wonder Colour Lipstick - Coral Wave (Code:22536)

Oriflame Beauty Cherry Garden Lipstick - Soft Coral 

       More redish, with orange shade. The nail polish from this collection is lovely color – same opened soft, but opened shade, as the Beauty Wonder Colour Lipstick - Coral Wave

Oriflame - Beauty Powershine Lip Gloss - Soft Coral (Code:22633) 

       If you prefer gloss with glamour shine, especially under the sunrises, this is your choice. Soft Coral red shade, with nice texture and color shade.

Oriflame - Silky Kiss Lipstick - Coral Crepe Blood Red Beauty

       Between opened red amd mostly golden orange – one very Summer shade, especially compared with your already bronze tanned skin!

Coral Red Lipstick First type - Opened red with orange  (Source: Web)

Soft Coral red Second Type – combination between opened red and little pink

...Which one is your coral red lipstick?...

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