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31 December 2012


   Hi, friends!

   Do you remember my review about NESTI DANTE (about their incredible collections of unique, natural, fine flavored soaps)  months ago?

   I found and tried it already!   

   Now, I'm really sure about this product - AMAZING!

   It becomes like the finest liquid gold on the skin (especially on tanned skin) under the shower!

   Unique fragrance, which stays longer on your skin as your special aura from scent and delight!

   This natural soap is prepared with 24 carat gold leaves in honor of Dante’s early achievements.

       It's enriched with the intense powdery scent of Noble Iris, the flower symbol of Florence.  Limited edition.

   The next photo will be in the largest possible size, in order to help you to see from very close range, the gently sparkling golden surface!

   I recommend you to try it! 

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  1. The post is looking luxurious but it is not affordable for everyone, it is made of gold leaf e.t.c., but it is worth for the price.
    Wholesale Cosmetics

  2. Hi, Ernest! How are you? Thank you, for you interest to my article! Why do you think that it's not affordable for everyone? Please, share with us, where did you see before this product and what was the price :)! For example, last time, I bought it from Turkey and it was just 15 TL (New Turkish Lira). May be, the price depends on the place, where you buy it :)! Best regards :)


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