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02 April 2015


   From time to time I buy from two of the most famous and trending online websites in Turkey - TRENDYOL and MARKAFONI. Usually, their service is very good - fast, correct, well organized. Of course, with some exceptions, because mistakes happens.

   As I already mentioned in my other posts related to this online shopping topic - they sell very high quality clothes, shoes, sport accessories, any type of home appliances - every time many and different things. I can say, that I am their regular client - especially, when some boutiques offer big discounts on reasonable prices ;)

   But... - (there is always one "but" in everything good) - ... unfortunately, I was not very lucky, with my 3 shoes orders:

   1. I ordered wonderful high heels for the spring season, but here came the first surprise. the moment I opened the box and I just had a look on the shoes WITHOUT TO TOUCH THEM, I notice visible difference between - it was obviously, that some lady with very large size feet, tried and forced the left shoe. In brief - the left shoe was visibly one size larger, than the right. I immediately took photo of the shoes, but I will upload it later.


   2. The most disgusting thing ever, happened with the second order - I ordered high heels, official black with golden elements, for work.

   The box came damaged. They sold to me USED SHOES - USED AND DAMAGED!


   The moment I looked at them, I was absolutely disgust and did not try them at all! THEY SOLD DIRTY USED AND DAMAGED SHOES AS NEW, EVEN NOT CLEANED BEFORE THE SHIPPING AND IN BROKEN BOX!

 Here are the detailed photos and the right on making comments I leave to you:


   3. The third case was not so dramatically disgusting, but enough embarrassing, to be skipped here. 

   They - "BUTIGO", sold me high heels (I ordered official for work, after I saw the failure with the mentioned above), visibly tried from someone and even not cleaned (the bridge of the shoe inside was with almost erased brand name and dirty traces from foot (I cleaned with antiseptic solution) and down also had traces.

   The main problem is the empty space between the silver bottom cover of the shoe and the shoe "floor" - it has between some glue and because it does not stick perfectly during the manufacturing process, it makes some strange sound, when you walk. I suppose, it will disappear with the time and wearing.

   This time I did not send them back, but here you can see the photos:

   It is enough embarrassing! 3 times the same - 2 times from BUTIGO (Markafoni), 1 time from BAMBI (Trendyol). It can not be coincidence!

   What conclusion can make?


   About "BUTIGO":

   1. Obviously, they don't care about you and Trendyol as client and resp. business partner!?!

  2. VERY IMPORTANT - Obviously, they think that AS YOU ARE FOREIGNER, PROBABLY YOU ARE HERE FOR SHORT TIME = THEY CAN SENT TO YOU THIS GARBAGE AND YOU WILL HAVE NO TIME TO COMPLAINT+TO SEND IT BACK+TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK!?! By the way - their service, about giving your money back is slow, but effective; I am still waiting...

   Despite, that in generally Trendyol and Markafoni have really very good and high quality products - REALLY, they still make such mistakes.

   My advice to TRENDYOL and MARKAFONI:
   Please, pay attention to these type of problems and if there is "mole" in your service, which is spoiling your good name - fix the problem, because you are on a way to lose many clients!
   Honestly, I don't like, that I must write such post, but I really want if you can correct this problem and the next time, when me, my friends and all your clients, open their boxes, to be really happy, without any kind of "surprises" from this type, mentioned above!

   Would I recommend their service about buying shoes from them?

   IF THEY FIX this terrible problem - yes!

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