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28 March 2015


   When my favorite for all times perfume - XS pour Elle by Paco Rabanne, was no longer available on the market, I started desperately to search for possible dupe. Despite, I was clearly realising, that it's not possible to exist 1:1 dupe.

   During the years, I was testing, using and adding many different perfumes and EDTs, from different categories in my perfume collection, but only one was very close to it. This long journey of searching leaded me finally to BEAUTY by Elizabeth Arden

   Face of the product and also representing the commercial video is the beautiful actress Catherine Zita Jones.

   This perfume has been launched 2002, nose is Antoine Lie, floral-green, available on the market, bottle from very massive glass, available in standard bottle 100 ml, 30 ml.

  This fragrance can be the perfect signature for the contemporary modern, mature woman in her blooming, flourishing years, when she already has consciousness and self estimation, understanding the full potential of her beauty, its resistance and powerful radiance.

 Perfume pyramid and description, given by the manufacturer:

   "Spirited, captivating, sensual. Ardenbeauty is a fresh, green flower fragrance, that is a multyfaceted as the woman who wears it."

   Top notes:

   Living Rice Flower

   Dewy Green Accord

   Italian Bergamot

   Middle notes:

   Blue Lotus Flower

   Living Gingerlily

   Rubrum Lily

   Golden Sunset Orchid

   Base notes:

   Indian Sandalwood

   White Amber

   Skin Sensual Musk

   What makes this fragrance close with and the same moment away from XS pour Elle by Paco Rabanne?

   It's close to XS pour Elle with its calm tones of Amber, Sandalwood, the modest dominant Lotus note as soft veil. It's that one calm balmy note, which confirms the association with XS pour Elle, more and more. 

  It stays one idea away from XS pour Elle with this "scratchy" tones of Rhubarb, Bergamot, and hot, spicy Ginger note, which stays for hours. It's all the time "trying" to pop up through this calm, soft veil, which keeps it close and also, keeps the whole fragrance so balanced, so soft in warm flower harmony.

  It's definitely more intense, than XS pour Elle, more feminine-alluring.

   In the same time, there is one calm balmy note, which confirms the association with XS pour Elle, more and more.

   This perfume stays for hours. It's suitable for:

   - Spring - Day&Night wear

   - Summer - Day

   - Fall, Winter - Day & Night

   It's not suitable if you are working in:

   - Office environment

   - Children garden

   - Hospital environment

   Also, not suitable if you are going for a lunch in restaurant day time. But if it's about some special evening event - could be acceptable, but not spray too much (maximum 1-2 times).


   Wonderful beautiful perfume! The signature perfume of the Real Woman!


Natalié Beauté

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