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27 March 2015


   We all know this trinity of Oriflame - Air, Ice, Fire. Three nice edt suitable for every day, every occasion, every season.

  This products has been on sale long years, since the moment of its appearance in the large Oriflame's family of perfumes. During this time, it changed only the bottle's design:

   From this:
(Photo: Fragrantica)

   To this:

  Nothing else has changed, but the bottle design. The fragrances are the same.

   From three of them, my favorite is AIR. Now, I am going through my 4-th bottle and I must say, that this one is really divine scent.

   I love this fragrance much more, than the others!

 It's the perfect fragrance, which can find the perfect resonance and resembles with the typical Aquarius woman! As we all know, the Aquarius star sign is air sign. Not because of the name of the perfume, but because of the absolutely correct airy composition of the fragrance and resemblance between name and perfume composition, according to me, this is - as I already said, the perfume for the typical Aquarius woman!

   The common impression from the aroma is for calm, balmy (reminds me the softness of Nivea creme aroma), airy, lightness, pureness, positivism, uplifting the spirit... Perfect Spring aromatic companion!

   This very beautiful fragrance has three main ingredients:



Tiare flower

   According to my nose, the Blackcurrant is noticeable as slightly sweet shade, but rather bitter, than sweet. Note: this is not sweet fragrance at all! It just gives small tickle and the same moment sharp note in your nose, like splash of light rises.

    The Lily-of-the-valley is the most dominating tone in this fragrant accord! Soft, calm, pure, little balmy, transparent, airy, light!

   The Tiare flower tone is balancing between.

  The harmonic sounds between the tones of this Major flowery accord is creating one of the most beautiful ever EDT's!

   Here, you can see photo of the original box and the list with the ingredients:


  Spiritual uplifting, positive, clean, feminine, fresh, airy, pure!


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