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16 March 2015



   Absolutely Irresistible is adorable fragrance, which talks for itself on its own, starting first with the bottle look:

 It's very insisting and deeply sensual fragrance. It convincingly speaks to you with all its notes: - "I am irresistible! Absolutely irresistible! I am daring, I am brave, I get, what I want!"

   Yes, it's perfume for modern, daring, brave women with clearly drawn personality and character.

   Wearing this amazing fragrance, you definitely will catch attention and a lot of compliments about it.

   The main ingredient is Jasmine and it's very powerful in the whole composition.

   In the beginning, the perfume opens with warm fruity wave from Red Berry, spicy Paprika, Green mandarin notes and Pimento, according to Fragrantica. The Orange blossom adds softness and tenderness in whole this seductively fruity-floral-spicy-woody mixture. I personally defy this perfume in this large category.

   The actual fragrance pyramid is: 



Green Mandarin, Red Berries, Pimento accords


Egyptian Jasmine, Orange blossom, Heliotrope 


Cedar, Patchouli, Amber

   When it sets down after hour-two on the skin, it represents only the base tones in the woody category, as most intensive of them is Patchouli, after Cedar, and almost neutral Amber.
   Here you can see more photos of how the original box looks like:

Wrapped with nylon

Without nylon

List with the ingredients

The bottom of the box without flash

The bottom of the box with flash

   The name of the perfume on the bottle:




The bottom of the original bottle


   The perfume comes in ruby red massive glass bottle with slightly twisted triangle profile bottle, as all EDP's or EDT's from the same line. It's available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml bottle. You can find ti also in 200 ml body lotion and 100 ml deodorant.

   This fragrance is suitable for:

   - Day wear - Fall, Winter, early Spring

   - Night wear - all seasons, as you must be very careful of the amount applying, during the Summer high season.

   Not suitable for you, if you are working in small office and especially with office with other people, and if you need concentration in your work.

   Because of its intensivity and opening vibrant fruity notes, I see it as most suitable for brunette or red head women, from all ages.

   Absolutely Irresistible is composition with vibrant warmth and woody-spicy depth, which lasts about 3 hours or more and radiates from your body, surrounding you as large aura, which can be felt from the people near.

   High quality product!


Natalié Beauté

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