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16 March 2015


   The Spring is nice season - point of new beginning, when the whole Nature wakes up from the cold Winter, and is ready to flourish.

   Also, time to choice new fragrance.

 Right now, I came across big Spring discount of many perfumes on two of my favorite online stores in Turkey - Trendyol and Markafoni.

   One of the perfumes I choose is POUR FEMME by Pierre Cardin.

   This perfume has typical significant sharp note, which is characteristic of all COTY perfumes. It strikes you from the opening of the aroma top notes and stays till the base notes settle.

   Right from the first spray on the skin, you feel exactly this sharp note, which hits you with dominant, strong Cinnamon and Peach presence/Nectarine, accompanied by Black Currant, which stays in the periphery of the group of the top notes.

   This top notes group makes soft transition to the heart notes, where the first note, which emerges is the green apple and caramel, on the base of soft vanilla pillow.

   All these notes, described till here, are the most noticeable in the first 15 min., and they turn into warm composition, which surrounds you as magical veil. Usually, at this moment, with the most perfumes, the middle notes "show up", but here they stay almost neutral, and share smoothly.

   As the time is passing, they settle softly on the skin, onto the base notes, which are almost neutral, except Patchouli, which is slightly noticeable and According to me, the Vetiver is also noticeable.

   According to FRAGRANTICA, this is the pyramid of the perfume:

  TOP NOTES:          

orange, black currant, cinnamon and apple

   MIDDLE NOTES:         

violet, hawthorn, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose

   BASE NOTES:           

sandalwood, nectarine, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, caramel, vetiver and cedar

   Here you can see photos of how the original box looks like:

Wrapped in nylon

Without nylon

   Here is the list with the ingredients, described on the box:


   This product is EDP, 78% vol., 75 ml. Comes in transparent colorless glass bottle; it's spray.

   This perfume is very feminine and seems, it's suitable for all ages.

  There is something very sophisticated and unique the way, this perfume settles on the different people's skin (according to the body chemistry, of course).

   It's not fragrance for office work environment, because it can opens very intensively.

   I see this perfume as very suitable for:

   - Day use - Spring, Fall, Winter,   and 

   - Night use - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


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