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03 March 2015


   Hello, Ladies!

   Probably, most of us have seen this advertisement on the TV and in internet:

   E, at the moment, I saw this product first time, it was on online website in Turkey -   

   I did not think seriously, that I will buy it, because I already had one from Korea - amazingly cute and very high quality (I will make review of that one, too).

   Usually, the price of this one is between 40 and 70 TL. Depends from the seller and from the store. I got it for 14,99 TL. 

   It comes in pieces, in a box - you must ensemble them:

The organizer comes in pieces, which you must ensemble together and there is also small booklet with instructions

   It's made from acrylic material, but very thin and honestly - not very good quality at all. It came with 2 small cracks, so, you must be very careful, using it.

   It's 360 degree rotating. Made in China.

   It has 3 levels: 

   - first level - 5 sections: 4 small for perfume bottles for example; 1 middle section - large - for creams, low jars or cosmetics products;

   - 2 second level - 1 long movable (sliding in 2 directions) section, divided in the middle. Good for organizing small makeup palettes, eye shadows, blushes or whatever you think is comfortable for you to put there;

   - 3 level:

                - 18 places for nail polishes;

                - 2 opened narrow sections for small tools;

                - 2 sections - open and close;

                - 2 tall sections in the middle for makeup brushes, pencils, mascara...

   Look closer on the following photos:

3 different levels

The middle level is movable

Close view to the first level - 2 sections from the left and 2 sections from the right side;
Close look to the middle part from the 1-st level;
Close look from the middle level - divided in two;

Close look from above - the 3-rd level

Example for usage

   This is how the original box looks like, from all sides:

The box in front

The box behind

The box under

   The advertisement on the TV and on the box claims, that it holds up to 200 items. 

   Honestly, I am not sure, that it can hold so many items, because it is not so big and large. Also, it's not so stable - it is not bold acrylic item in structure (like the most popular acrylic organizer on Ebay and on internet online stores), so I don't think, that it deserves its high price, which they give to it - here for example, you can find it between 40 - 70 TL. 

   Also, it's not easy to rotate it.



   Despite all + and - about this organizer, I can say:

   1. It can really help you to organize your makeup items, in comfortable for you way.

   2. It's transparent, so you can easily have a visibility to all the products inside.

   3. It's washable (but not in machine), which is very good from hygienic viewpoint.

   If you think, that this is your type of organizer, try it!

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