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11 July 2014


   Hi, friends!

   I hurry up to post this short review about new Avon product for gradually tanning without sun, which I got in June's haul and I tested successfully.

ENHANCE & GLOW - airbrush spray AVON "Skin So Soft"

  The idea of the creating of this product seems to be in giving opportunity to keep your tan or just to get tan gradually without sun.

   This product is for medium skin and in its spray variant it's very comfortable, especially for the places, which are hard to reach.

   Also it's lighter variant, than the body lotion product from the same line.

  The product comes in plastic bottle - 150ml. Absolutely transparent and liquid like water.

 There is little bit sharp scent - fragrance+something chemical, but not annoying. 

   After spraying, there is no shimmering effect - but you see already result, tanning.

  It's good to see that there are included some natural ingredients - SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OIL, SACCHAROMYCES LYSATE EXTRACT - (A derivative of yeast, this ingredient helps foster cell respiration), AMARANTHUS CAUDATUS SEED EXTRACT - (AMARANTH OIL).

   It's light and delicate to the skin.

  The tanning effect comes in very natural shade, perfectly adjusting according to your own skin tone and it DOES NOT leave your skin with orange shade, as some other tanning products.

   Shake as usual and spray from 15 cm distance.

   It dries on the skin almost immediately. No oily effect. 

   Spread the product with hands on the body. 

   DON'T FORGET to wash out your hands after use.

   Give it some little time to dry completely and get dressed.



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  1. I am just about to try this produce.

    Fingers crossed its working well on my skin.

    lots of love

    A x

  2. Good luck! Let me know, what do you think about this product, how it works on your skin, your impressions after some time! Thank you :)!

  3. Question is it safe to use it on your face?