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11 July 2014


   Hello, friends!

   Here is one wonderful product, which arrived with my Avon June 2014 haul - DETANGLING SPRAY - strand STRENGTH - apricot & shea, by Avon Naturals Hair Care, which claims to be result from Natural Science Technology + LOW PH.

DETANGLING SPRAY - strand STRENGTH - apricot & shea, by Avon Naturals Hair Care

   As you can see, the bottle is 150ml, it's not transparent - anyway, the product has the same non=transparent color.

   The consistency I can describe as very light liquid-creamy (because of the Shea butter ingredient).

   The scent is very intense apricot + something yummy (nuts scent also). I say "something", because I am not sure, if the real shea smells exactly so much intense and little bit let's say - juicy-spicy. If you are sensitive to some scents, this might be little bit heavy for you.

   The product gives the following description: "Pampers your hair. Infused with apricot extract and Shea butter. Leaves hair feeling moisturised, revitalised and less prone to breakage. For dry\damaged hair. To use: Spray generously to clean, towel dried hair. Style as usual."

    Here I can add:

  1. It really leaves the hair elastic, moisturised, and fragranced, but the scent is very powerful. If you love spicy apricot, you would like it.
    2. It can be suitable for all hair types, but very suitable especially for dry or damaged hair, as it's described.

   About the usage:

    1. I use the product also on dry hair, when I need combing or styling.
   2. I always start spraying from the tips of the hair - after combing; after I spray up and again combing. But I never spray from the roots of the hair. When I go spray and combing my hair up, I always stop till the level of the chin, but no higher. ALWAYS do this detangling+combing process on levels, if you have long hair, starting from the tips of the hair.
   3. Despite there is no special reason (as some two phase products), just shake before you spray onto your hair.


   The only one natural ingredients, which can be found here are only BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA) BUTTER and PRINUS ARMENIACA (APRICOT) FRUIT EXTRACT. Non-paraben free.


   This product really works - it works immediately.

  It protects your hair from breaking and leaves it well nourished, refreshed and fragranced.


Natalié Beauté

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