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22 July 2014


   Hi, friends!

  Thank you for again stopping your attention on my article, which - I truly hope, might be useful for you!

   I wanna write short note about one of the products, which are good working for me this Summer - Elixir with Argan Oil, from the "Nature Fusion" set of products by Pantene Pro-V.


   As you may already know, the Natural Argan Oil is famous with its very good effect on your skin and hair. 

   The product, which is subject of this note today, is haircare product - elixir with Argan Oil.  

Elixir with ARGAN OIL - Nature Fusion, 24 HOURS LIGHTWEIGHT DAMAGE PROTECTION by Pantene Pro-V

  The product comes in plastic light transparent bottle with pump, 150ml. 

 The main ingredient is Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil. Unfortunately, it's not mentioned on the bottle's label, how many percent of the oil is actually added in the product.

   It has oily texture.

   The color is light yellow.

  There is light fresh scent, which if you take breath deeply through your nose, you will feel  a little bit scent of the alcohol ingredient in the product, but it's not annoying. It smells pleasant and gives nice discreet scent on your hair all day long.

   According to the instructions given on the bottle, you must shake before use and to apply on wet hair from the half length till the tips.

   Another ingredients:

   Alcohol Denat.
   Panthenyl Ethyl Ether
   Benzyl Salicylate
   Hexyl Cinnamal
   Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde
   Alpha-Isomethyl Lonone

   IF we talk about 100% pure natural Argan oil, there are several basic things, which first must come to the mind, when we go to the store to buy:

   1. Any  PURE natural oil is ALWAYS IN DARK BOTTLE and must be kept in cool and dry place.
   2. Any PURE natural oil contains ONLY the ingredient, which it claims that represents the whole and entire product itself - without any other color ingredients, stabilizers, preservatives, parfums, other ingredients.

   So, before you go to the store, you must decide what type of natural oil containing product you really need!

   For example:

   1. The product, which is subject of my article is actually leave-in type of product. It's is very well working for normal/dry, even for thin hair. It nourish the hair and improves its elasticity, so it makes it easier for combing and at least, minimizes the hair breaking of the dried ends. It gives beautiful shine to any color - blond, red or dark (and their shades).
  2. The pure Natural Argan Oil can be used for hair treatment:
   - massage on the scalp (and later apply on the entire length of your hair and rinse after 5-10min.); 
   - as ingredient in hair mask; 
   - or just apply it on your hair (little bit warm - not hot) and leave it for 5-10 min., after rinse the hair carefully and accurately. It moisturizes your hair on very deep structure level, without to give oily sensation or making the hair heavy. this way, it improves also the hair growth.
   For the Summer season, both of the types of this product are suitable. Keep in mind, that Summer time, some of us are using Salty Sea water or swim in Pool, which has Chloride for hygienic purposes added into the water and all these, have some effect on the hair. Also in combination with the direct sun rises (which depending on which geographical zone you are living), can cause also damage on certain level, on the hair's structure and health.

   So, keeping in mind all these conditions, we can decide which product we need - leave-in product or nourishing 100% pure Argan Oil for hair treatment on deep structure level.

   So, the decision, must be individual, because each one of us is personally, in its own way, best familiar with her/his own hair.
   But definitely, we should not forget the hair care routine in the Summer, too!

   Also..., you can combine both of types of products ;)


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