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23 July 2014


   Hi, friends!

  I came across this Avon's product some time ago and I definitely must make a note about it!

  This lovely watch is really very beautiful product and especially amazing for present for your loved ones!   


  This watch Avon offers to us in two colors - golden and silver.

    The material is Polished Brass Plating.

  It looks as golden band bracelet, arranged with splitted elements, decorated with white stones all over, and also - there are white stones decoration around the dial.

NIOBE Watch - AVON, close capture

  There is light automatic opening mechanism, which you must open to wear the watch and close - to hold it on your hand.

  Once, took place on your hand, this will be one of your favorite beautiful fashion accessoires.

   It can be wear in combination with golden ring, ear rings and necklace in the same color style.

   The package is as follows - usual standard AVON paper box-package for accessoires:


Natalié Beauté

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