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04 December 2016


   Every epoch has its own beauty divas with their own beauty secrets. These magnificent women were literally dictating the fashion of the day. Millions of women from different ages were looking at them and following their appearance and style.

   Today, in this short note, I want to share a beauty secret of one of the fashion icons of the 1-st half of the XX century - Marlene Dietrich - charming woman with an unique style and appearance.

   Recently, I came across some information, about her beauty tricks and as a collector of different cosmetics recipes from all over the world, I joined this one, to my collection.

For eyes, neck, neckline, body
For all skin types
(Original recipe - Marlene Dietrich)

1  Egg White
1/2 water glass / 70 ml  Sour Cream (high % fat)
1/2 Lemon = 3 teaspoon - squeezed Lemon juice
2 teaspoon Glycerin
40 drops Alcohol

  The Egg White must be beaten till become into foam.

  As we can see, the main active ingredient here is Sour Cream (fatty). 

  It nourishes the skin, helps for its smoothness and better tan. This ingredient is very very valuable for maintaining the skin health and beauty - keeping the skin elasticity, anti-wrinkles, nourishing. 
  With regular use, the Sour Cream can have very powerful rejuvenating effect.

Even she knows that...
  ...Ups 😉...

  This is the original recipe and as you already assumed, some of the ingredients are just not quite acceptable to be used:
   - Glycerin 
   - Alcohol 
  Especially about the direct usage of these two ingredients in homemade cosmetics face masks, I have some things in mind.

  I recently found other variants of this face mask, improved by the Cosmetologist Olga Metelskaya (I often follow her advises and I can say, that she is really one of the best specialists in this area):

1 Egg white
1/3 water glass oily sour cream
3 teaspoons fresh Lemon juice
2 teaspoon - Oil from Apricot seeds
(instead of Glycerin)
40 drops - Tea Tree Oil
(instead of Alcohol)

  If we don't have oil from Apricot seeds, we can replace it with other oils, depending on our skin type:

   - Normal/Mix Skin - Olive Oil
   - Normal to Oily Skin - Oil of Grape Seeds
   - Dry and Sensitive Skin - Macadamia Oil
   - Atopic/Prone to Dermatitis Skin - Avocado Oil

  Thanks to the anti-septic and conserving qualities of the Tea Tree Oil, this product can be kept in refrigerator 2-3 weeks!

   You apply the mask on the face with light tapping touching and after - light massage, keeping the massage lines.

  Remember - never use pressure and stretching in the same moment (or separately), on the skin. This can bring to damage and bad cosmetics defects later. Exclude this from your daily beauty routine, if you find, that you are doing so!

The irresistible look of one incredible woman

   I prefer the second variant(s) of this wonderful mask.
   It worth to try it and to do it from time to time.
   The effect is visible from the first time.
   You can make course - for example:
   - 1-2 times in 4 weeks, after - break time 4 weeks
   - If you need - again repeat the same scheme


Product image: Natalié Beauté
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   Natalié Beauté

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